Hyperdog 4-ball launcher arms you with a canine exercise 'weapon'


December 2, 2009

The Hyperdog 4-Ball Launcher can fire a tennis ball up to 200ft and has hands-free pick up for 'used' balls

The Hyperdog 4-Ball Launcher can fire a tennis ball up to 200ft and has hands-free pick up for 'used' balls

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The first thing that gets tired when I take my two Border Collies for their morning walk is my arm – from repeatedly throwing a tennis ball for them. I used a tennis racket once but after two hits the ball was in someone else’s backyard, lost forever. Try explaining that to two ball-crazy canines. But relief for people like me – owners of dogs with boundless energy but blessed with a poor throwing arm - thanks to the Hyperdog 4-Ball Launcher.

This ball launcher is a powerful slingshot device that holds four tennis balls in a rack below the handle. The makers say it will fire a ball up to 200ft – which is bound to exhaust even the fittest dog after a few fetches (without you having to move from your vantage point).

The Ball Launcher also allows users to pick up dog spit-soaked ball hands-free (bonus) which makes using it even more enjoyable.

And if your mutt gets miffed at the new exercise routine, hey you can always fire off the excess balls at the local graffiti artist or that junk mail distributor who ignores the sign on your letterbox.

In safe hands, the Dog Tennis Ball Launcher is a great exercise tool for your dog and is available online for around US$32.50.

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and in dangerous hands, a weapon for slinging rocks. maybe even a grenade....

bio-power jeff

bio-power jeff,

what a silly comment. Anybody can misuse products for their own reasons. I dont think bad guys will be using a slingshot for grenades. You can\'t hold the spoon down effectively and if there4 was a \"misfire\" the bad guy would do himself in. Bad guys like soldiers like the tried and true pull and throw method, and they get lots of practice at the bad guy training centers. macka

This gets my vote for the most ridiculous invention - or re-invention ever. If you can\'t cope with throwing a ball for Fido it is time to lay down and die. Give up. It might be good for hurling rotten fruit at the stupid inventor.


A lacrosse ball hit with a baseball bat goes farther. The lacrosse ball has a 2x bounce versus the tennis ball.

Ben Matthews

...yeah because throwing is so difficult.


thats just great. my kid saw this and now wants one...


The tennis ball slingshot is bulky and inconvenient. You just need one of those tennis ball scoopers on a stick to pick up the slobbery tennis ball. You can even use the scooper as a thrower to increase the range of your throw.


I have this awesome 81mm mortar tube I use it to exercise the dog...

easy to use, drop in charge and ball, "whomp", and the dog has a 2km chase, gives him great exercise, and one shot lasts all afternoon.... See one man's weapon is another's exercise tool...

Someone uses a mortar for killing, I use it for exercising the dog, tell that to the customs officials when you try to import a shipload of mortar tubes and "modified ball charges"

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