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March 11, 2010

Now you see it, now you don't - the Hydrofloor movable pool floor

Now you see it, now you don't - the Hydrofloor movable pool floor

Hydrofloors are vertically movable floors that mean you’ll literally be able to walk on water. Designed to reclaim the surface area of a swimming pool that is wasted when the pool is not in use, the floor height of the pool can be lowered mechanically to reveal the already full pool or raised to cover the water and provide some extra floor space.

The Belgium-based developers of the Hydrofloor say the system is near invisible and totally safe and secure for children to use when the floor is in the raised position, complying with relevant national safety standards.

Another advantage of the Hydrofloor is its flexibility. Since the floor height of the pool can be elevated to any pre-selected height, the water depth also can be adjusted – for example, wading depth for children or a depth suited to those with special needs.

Additionally, the company says that Hydrofloor fully encloses the pool and helps reduce heat loss from the water, thereby cutting energy costs.

As each movable pool floor is custom-built, the cost of installing one will depend on the particular circumstances of the job. But there’s no denying – this thing is cool and functional. Check out the vid below to see the Hydrofloor in (less than speedy) action.

Via gizmodo

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I imagine this only works with single-depth pools. A slanted pool botom has greater surface area than the top of the pool. I suppose they may have some cool folding/pivoting feature that wasn\'t visible in the short video, but I doubt it.


for that \"gee whiz\" james bond effect, yeah sure...this is cool, but practical? No...not at all! Especially when there are other sollutions out there that are cheaper and less dangerous...Imagine someone walking across your freshly raised floor....covered in water still and slips and falls...there goes your home-owner\'s insurance! Ed


I\'m sure owners would mop up remaining water before letting people walk on it. Chill out.

Wouldn\'t be quite as much fun as watching an unsuspecting Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed topple backward into the pool, though. Buffalo gals, won\'t you come out tonight...


Imagine the water wastage everytime you raise the floor and all that water you have to mop up.

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Great Concept but really only for the Headcase billionaire. A few pressure activated ports would enhance the rate at which it raised and lowered. If you can afford an indoor pool you can afford to build another ballroom. That would be my banker\'s house as an indoor pool was not enough to go with the neighborhood, cars, and airplane\'s.


I like it. I think it is an innovative approach to covering a pool. It makes a pool room useful for entertainment and parties or recreation, when normally only the perimeter could be used. I also like that if local moms were having a brunch -they could bring their kids and let them all play in water that was only a foot deep if they wanted.

No pricing was mentioned, sure it\'s not cheap. But then, if you can afford an indoor pool....

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I agree with thollarn.

This would be a great idea for a childs party. It would be a great idea for volley ball!!

Every story you put here should always answer the questions, how does it work and how much does it cost? But without these answers its just the fun of imagining.

Add a robo pool cleaner and you have something here.


Interesting idea, but what can you realistically do with the \"gained\" floorspace? It would be too much of a pain to put anything on it (table, chairs) that you would have to find space for when you want to use the pool.


Wow, this floor is awesome. Talk about extra function for your wood flooring! I think there are many things you can do with the added space and just moving furniture on and off it doesn\'t seem like too much of a hassle. I don\'t have an indoor pool in my home (ha I wish!) but I can see the benefits of having this flooring for sure.

Kristen Soderburg

My goodness people are just plain freaks. Slip and fall lawsuit due to raising the pool? Have you ever spilled a glass before? Ever heard of a squeegee, person who was worried about water wasted? I think this is a fantastic idea. Now cost will probably be an issue. And people this does not just have to be for indoor pools. I think your insurance would be lower due to being able to really close it off from accidental drowning while you\'re out of town on vacation. For anybody who entertains this is a must have. Love it!!!


i love this article. good luck!


Cool.. this is awesome. I can\'t believe it.. I\'m truly amazed.. If every pool is like this, pool nets will not be needed anymore.. I hoped I can get one of this on my house..


Not a new idea, there was an adjustable-depth pool at my elementary school (~1980) I do like the idea of a kid-safe pool cover.


Love it but wonder whether depth warning should be part of the package, as people (especially kids) may dive or jump in without checking the current depth - could be dangerous.

So, I like the idea but also think a faster rising, water-shedding bottom (like a plastic grid) could work as a life saving feature. Combined with a wrist sensor, like the Seal System, the bottom could rise to the surface in seconds, bringing any submerged/injured swimmer with it.

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