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Pass the loofah: Huvafen Fushi contains the world's only submarine spa


May 22, 2013

Visitors enter the submarine spa via an underwater corridor

Visitors enter the submarine spa via an underwater corridor

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Though at first glance Huvafen Fushi may resemble a James Bond villain’s undersea lair, it is in fact the world's only submarine spa. First opened in 2004, the über-exclusive spa, located in the Maldives' North Male Atoll, was recently redesigned by UK architects Studio RHE.

The Huvafen Fushi spa facility features six over-water treatment rooms, each of which sports a glass floor. No doubt the steam room, gym, yoga, and raw food restaurant offer a suitably opulent experience to the select few who attend, but the real action is six meters (20 feet) below surface.

Visitors to the submarine section of the Huvafen Fushi enter via underwater passageway, where they're presented with a beneath-the-surface view of the Indian Ocean from one of the two treatment rooms. Alternatively, if a treatment sounds like too much effort, there’s also a relaxation room with adjustable temperature, smell, and color settings.

Provided you’re not the claustrophobic type, Huvafen Fushi is open to bookings now. Price depends on the length of holiday and options chosen, but you should probably expect to shell out over US$20,000 for a week's stay at the resort with one trip to the submarine spa.

Sources: Studio RHE, Huvafen Fushi via Archinect

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