Hut-Hut Kids: a rocking horse for the 21st century


June 24, 2010

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I know parents who refuse to buy cheap, plastic toys for their children. They prefer products that are natural, eco-friendly and non-toxic. The Hut-Hut Kids rocking stool is all that and then some – it’s a solid-wood rocking horse made from FSC-certified wood and it’s not only functional, it stands alone as a beautifully designed piece of furniture.

Designed by LA-based Kalon Studios, the Hut-Hut Kids is made on a five-axis CNC machine and rather than resurfacing the piece to hide the machining lines, the lines have been incorporated into the design which reduces the machining time by 75%. The result is an engraved star pattern that adds a decorative element to the piece. The product is coated with non-toxic wood oil.

Hut-Hut (that's "giddy-up" to a camel) was debuted in Milan during the 2010 Salone del Mobile trade show at the Posti di Vista 'green block' exhibition. It measures 50cm (19.7”) x 50cm (19.7”) x 25cm (9.8”) and comes in a choice of FSC-certified woods – black locust, black walnut, cork, maple and bamboo. Or you can pre-order it in a brightly-colored sustainable resin.

Prices start at US$125 for the sustainable resin Hut-Hut to US$1,995 for the black walnut model and can be purchased from Kalon Studios.

Via Babyology.


Mmmmmmm not much of a \"rocking horse\", without the horse - body, legs, head, neck and reins.

Mr Stiffy

The middle paragraph. What every child wants in a toy.

Nowadays not even a horse is eco-friendly. :(

But..... It is a pretty piece of wood :)

Craig Jennings
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