Husqvarna goes retro with 70s-inspired Concept Baja


January 22, 2012

Husqvarna's Concept Baja harkens back the company's 70s heyday

Husqvarna's Concept Baja harkens back the company's 70s heyday

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Husqvarna has decided to go back to the 70s with its Concept Baja. The retro-styled bike had its first debut at the 2012 Progressive International Motorcycle Show in New York last Friday as part of the exhibition's 12-city tour across the U.S. Taking its name from the famous desert race that's been run each year for more than four decades, the Concept Baja radiates a 70s vintage vibe with a design that echoes the company's off-road models from that era, but with a modern touch most immediately evident by an LED-array headlight built into the front number plate and an LED instrument display built into the crossbar.

The Concept Baja is powered by a 650cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, four-stroke engine with very un-70's electronic fuel injection and a five-speed wide-ratio transmission. Other features include a perimeter frame with progressive-linkage swingarm, 19-inch front and 17-inch rear wheels with intermediate-knobby tires, Brembo disc brakes and an "approachable" seat height designed to suit a variety of riders.

Although it's only a concept bike at this stage, a number of Husqvarna's recent concepts, such as the Nuda 900, have gone into production. So if the response to the Baja is positive, there's every reason to expect it might get the same treatment.

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What is it with seat heights being so high on modern bikes. There\'s not that much travel in the swing arm to make the seat be so high.

Joseph Shimandle

Like it ! Husky can give me one, if they like, for a long-term test report.


Love the looks of this bike. Put the muffler under the engine like Buell and you got a buyer.


Vintage Husky looks FTW !!!

I am curious if there are plans for a \'plated\' version with turn signals, head & tail lights?

Most enduro motos are way too high due to the suspension travel needed so the seat height will also be high.

The muffler on any off-road moto will be up and away so it doesn\'t drag or catch on anything.

Also, it is NOT a Buell.


Owned by BMW & using their motors,Husqvarna has risen from the dead once more. The 70\'s was their golden era. Coming up with some unique models. Hopefully they will use the 900 engine for a \"adventure\" bike weighing less & without all the expensive electronics. Could cut into the Beemer sales though? Now if anyone could come up with a simple modern GS with low weight like the original. Try picking up a modern 100 h.p., 600 lb. \"dual purpose\" pig after it falls over on a gravel road. Now that\'s a adventure resulting in a hernia. Japanese bike company committees seem to be sitting on their asses during the slump,while the Euro companies continuously bring out new, exciting products. Dinosaur H.D. should be bitch slapped for how they treated Buell,a marvelous engineer & true motorcyclist. Selling M.V. for a cup of coffee. How bloody stupid.

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