First sketches of Husqvarna 900cc street bike


May 27, 2011

First sketches of new Husqvarna 900 streetbike

First sketches of new Husqvarna 900 streetbike

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Husqvarna has released sketches of what is to be the dirtbike manufacturers' first ever street machine. The naked streetfighter will use the recently announced 900cc parallel twin-cylinder engine developed by Husqvarna in conjunction with its owner BMW ... and if you like your streetfighter with strong lines and sharp angles, it looks like you're in for a treat.

The new design has a definite supermoto flavor and the minimalist lines, small tank, streamlined tail and familiar red, back and white colors provide a clear visual link with the company's enduro and supermoto range.

The new 900 parallel twin is rumored to produce around 95 bhp and 70 ft-lb torque with a claimed power delivery that's both linear and smooth at low rpm, but robust at high rpm.

Here's Husqvarna's take on the new design:

With this new model, Husqvarna is consolidating its philosophy of style: a balanced combination of visual emotion and riding experience. The strong shapes of the body are a consistent evolution of the new style and design direction introduced by the Varese based company, and are testimony of the manufacturer's ability to innovate.

The architecture of the vehicle is brand new, above and beyond any layout available on the market. The characteristic shape of the side panels, the tension in the vibrant surfaces, the sculpted volumes define an athletic body. Dynamism, agility and lightness are balanced harmoniously. The functional air intakes integrated into the front of the body and the thin tail highlight the unique design of this new model. The technical components which are completely in view are the premise of sportiness, performance and, above all, fun.

So not much in the way of detail as yet, but the new streetbike is expected to surface at EICMA in Milan this November along with some other variations on the 900cc platform.

There's no confirmation on when the streetbike will reach production or how close to these sketches the final result will be.

Would this design lure you away from naked-bike offerings from the likes of KTM and Ducati?

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Since hydrogen is the most economical and soon to be available can we have a converted model for the 21st century?

David Kaas

Looking at the engine sculpture, one can see the distinct lines of each component, and is able to recognize with ease what to work on in case of failure. Having had Husqvarna products before, and knowing the reliability of their products, I feel this may be one of the best bikes yet. Twins have such a nice balance to them, usually much better mpg, and cheaper to fix.


If it\'s got a 100 mile tank range no thanks...

Jim Adam

Lowering the seat would attract more of us who have an inseam of less than 35 inches. I\'m tired of balancing on my tiptoes at each red light. But, yeah I like it. And would at least give it a test ride before my final decision to sign the papers on my next bike.


I just hope parts will be available, unlike their dirtbikes from the 70\'s...

Bill Kelsey

This is not Husqvarna first road bike. They were making them before they made MX bikes Here is a link to pics of there early road bikes

This is there first road bike though since they have not made them since the early 40s50s Husqvarna Sweeden was purchased by Cagiva of Italy in the late 80s earley 90s And Cagive is heavy into road racing and did make ther own mx bike


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