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Hewlett-Packard Rove mobile All-in-One PC incoming this July


May 31, 2013

HP's new ENVY Rove 20 mobile All-in-One PC

HP's new ENVY Rove 20 mobile All-in-One PC

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HP has unveiled what's described as the company's first mobile All-in-One PC. Where your usual AIO dies as soon as you unplug it from the wall outlet, the new ENVY Rove 20 has a built-in 62 Wh battery that allows the Windows 8 multitouch enjoyment to go on without so much as a blip. Though the detailed specs have yet to be announced, here's what we have been able to track down.

As the name suggests, the Rove 20 sports a 20-inch, 1600 x 900 IPS LED panel with advanced 10-point multitouch technology and an ambient light sensor to auto-adjust the brightness. That puts it a good deal smaller than the monster Lenovo unveiled at CES 2013, but in the very same ball park as Sony's Tabletop PC that I got to grips with at IFA in Berlin last year.

HP's new 12.5 x 20 x 1.4 in (31.75 x 50.8 x 3.56 cm), 12.27 lb (5.6 kg) AIO will have a 4th gen Intel Core i3M processor with integrated HD 4400 graphics at its heart, supported by up to 16 GB of DDR3 RAM over two SO-DIMM slots and 1 TB hybrid storage with an 8 GB solid state cache. Its built-in kickstand can lie flush within the body for tabletop use, or flip out at the press of a large hinge lock for desktop use. The Rove 20 could also serve as a rather large Win8 tablet, benefiting from a gyro and magnetometer.

As you might expect from a new HP computer, the device also features Beats Audio sound through dual speakers and built-in subwoofer. Wireless technology runs up to 802.11ac 2x2 with Bluetooth 4.0, there's a media card slot to the side and a TrueVision HD webcam faces front. Though the unit doesn't come with an integrated optical drive, you could use one of the three USB 3.0 ports to hook up an external DVD or Blu-ray drive.

The ENVY Rove 20 will be available from July for an as-yet unspecified price, though HP is hinting at a sub-US$1,000 starting point. It will come with a wireless keyboard and mouse and, for US customers only, HP has thrown in 50 GB of cloud storage at Box.net (which would normally cost $19.99 per month).

More specifics will be revealed closer to the ship date. In the meantime, there's an HP promo video below to whet your appetite.

Source: HP

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Lame, I like the tablet that they no longer support which works great net, gmail,Kindle, yadda, HP is in suicide mode, why would I want to carry a suitcase to view my stuff when I can carry an iphone 4s to view my stuff,, yeah yeah my stuff or to have it unlock my door buy just having the phone in my pocket

Bill Bennett

If this had a less wimpy processor (such as a quad i7 @ 2.x GHz) and 2560x1600 DisplayPort out it could seduce me away from my 20 year old ban on HP products. I'd love to see a full list of gozintas/gozoutas.


Seriously, why does HP even exist today? Their consumer products are just junk. I used to have a room full of their exceptional products (Bill and Dave days). If not for their gouging commercial/government contracts and Meg using financial (not technical) expertise to manage HP offshore accounts, there is no reason for HP today...this Rove is a clear example of why HP is a has-been.

Fahrenheit 451

This would be news worthy if the description read:

"Rove 20 sports a 20-inch, 2560 x 1600 IPS LED panel"


It is such a shame. The 5 year old HP 20 inch laptop that I have here, has the same Display (though not full HD, it is gorgeous has awesome color representation and great viewing angles) and a BETTER graphics card (yes the old GTS 8800 still beats Intels Graphics cards in many cases). It also did not cost me much more than the new thing. Pretty weak showing HP.

Elmar Moelzer

HP consumer products are not so good i would like if it would build some new software imlementations and Web help

Jaspreet Singh

HP product development needs to find some one with some imagination to kick them in the rear.


I hear they are calling these all in one pc , Deskblets .

like phablet

Hwood Newsstand

You don't even need to see all of the specs to know what a mess they made of this. "Beats" audio? The makers of the world's worst headphones? And that photo, are they serious?


HP probably did not pay attention to the Smart TV market. People already can do a lot of internet activities with smart TVs. There will be no need for the horrendous AIO 20" screen dead-weight when people can do the same on a 50-60" screen.

James Ng

This looks to be the resurrection of the Dell M2010 model/idea. and probably a lot cheaper as well in price. Should be interesting...


How is this not a total rip off of the Sony Tap 20?

Michael Logue

Have just ordered a quad core android 4.2 mini pc with hdmi, usb ethernet ports + wifi keyboard and mouse. Just waiting for some version of compatible windows to arrive on the market. Then only thing I won't be able to do is work while traveling ! But then I have my phablet !


What Linux distro does it come with?

When is the fire sale?

Captain Obvious
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