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HotTug lets you soak in water while in the water


October 3, 2012

The HotTug is a small motor boat that doubles as a hot tub

The HotTug is a small motor boat that doubles as a hot tub

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Ah, to be gently motoring down the picturesque canals of Rotterdam ... in a hot tub. It’s not as crazy as it might sound – or perhaps it is. In any case, you can do it, thanks to the Dutch-built HotTug.

Yes, the HotTug is a indeed a little motor boat that doubles as a hot tub. It’s built mainly from wood, with the 2,000-liter (528-gallon) tub itself made from glass fiber-reinforced polyester. The water is heated by a built-in stainless steel wood stove, and has to be drained with a user-supplied submersible pump.

The boat/tub seats six to eight people, and is available in a number of packages that mix and match features such as a Minnkota 2.4-kilowatt electric motor, differing numbers of batteries, and the option of using an aftermarket outboard engine. For the electric option, the minimum package of two 12-volt batteries will reportedly provide about two hours of soaking/sailing time.

Prices range from €11,450 (US$14,793) for the basic unpowered version, to €16,450 ($21,252) for a model with the electric motor and four batteries.

Should you feel a little silly sitting in the bath as your cruise the canals, you can also use the HotTug without any water in it ... and if you’re feeling a little peckish afterwards, you might want to jump aboard the almost-as-wacky bbq-donut for some eats.

Source: HotTug via Uncrate

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couldn't be helped...it's waterCEPTION!

Earl Cameron

No brainier.. We used to do this all the time. When camping we fill our aluminum row boat u with water, then throw giant hot rocks from the fire in it and float around relaxing.

Michael Mantion

works well in the backyard also?

Walt Stawicki

If the coast guard sees this boat, they would launch a rescue thinking the boat is taking in water and about to sink.


Wow double purpose! It can be a jacuzzi! I love that plus the shapes are pretty cool and looks like there's a lot of room, can occupy 4-6 adults, I guess?

Edith Canon
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