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Luxury eco-hotel sits on a hillside, overlooking the Valle de Guadalupe in Mexico


February 8, 2012

Hotel Endemico is a new eco-retreat set on 94 hectares of wilderness, and features a collection of 20 low impact "Eco-Lofts"

Hotel Endemico is a new eco-retreat set on 94 hectares of wilderness, and features a collection of 20 low impact "Eco-Lofts"

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Hotel Endemico is a new eco-retreat set on 94 hectares (232 acres) of wilderness, and features a collection of 20 low impact "Eco-Lofts" that blend into the surrounding environment. The romantic hideaway is located in Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California, Mexico, and is just a little over an hour's drive from the San Diego/Tijuana border. Designed by San Diego-based architects Gracia Studio, each cabin is set privately along the sloping hillside and is intended to offer simplistic luxury.

The 20-square-meter (215-square-foot) cabins are mounted on steel stilts, and their small size is overtaken by the vast panoramic vistas of the dramatic surrounding landscape. Strategically positioned to provide maximum privacy, guests can enjoy the sense of being lost in nature. Each cabin is equipped with a king size bed, ensuite, a private terrace with a Mexican clay fire pit, and other comforts for outdoor lounging.

The idea for the retreat was to create simplistic accommodation that respects the surrounding environment, and offers guests the basic needs to host a weekend away in nature. Guests can also enjoy a visit to the adjoining winery, bathe in the hillside panoramic swimming pool or simply enjoy a glass of vino from their private terrace, while watching the sunset melt behind the mountainous terrain.

Reservations for Hotel Endemico can be made through Grupo Habita.

Source: Gracia Studio via Plataforma Arquitectura

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That\'s a beautiful view of the smog they have.

Jon A.

That is early morning fog. It settles into the Valley every morning in the winter. It does the same in Napa, and no one calls it smog

Mike Sweeney

Hey nice smog!


it\'s Mexico, I have no death wish, not going there

Bill Bennett

Don\'t even bother talking about Mexico. I wouldn\'t take my family there if the trip was free. The security is horrendous and in the last few years, there have been several attacks and murders on tourits. Its not worth it with the amount of safe selections available.

Rocky Stefano

It's too sad you think that way about here Mexico, is not jut what you see and heard on news; they feed T.V. and papers with things that make some "impact" to people so they can keep living from that. First U.S.A said that it was because of here that there were so many (MANY) drugs sale there since those dealers deliver them from here having free pass and now it has been taking actions to stop that. Things are bad but just for people involved into those "business"; you can freely come and spend time in this kind of places made first class and eco-friendly as well as in the many beaches and touristic places.

Andreas Zhellien

I wonder if it will have access to the natural hotsprings that are in the area.

Paul Anthony

Just spent weekend there. Absolutely fabulous. Oh and i am still alive.

Arm s.
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