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Honda's Hybrid Billboards


January 4, 2009

Honda's Hybrid Billboards

Honda's Hybrid Billboards

January 5, 2009 Primary among Honda’s brand values are its role as a leader in creating low emission, fuel efficient vehicles, and its most recent promotional efforts have taken Hybrid technology to new heights, quite literally. The massive billboards featuring the new Honda Accord Euro are illuminated by green solar power; with green energy electric backup. Just like a Hybrid. Outdoor advertising specialists, APN Outdoor have installed solar panels on several of the billboards being used in the Australian launch.

Honda Australia Marketing Manager, John Pranger said the idea of the solar billboard campaign was immediately attractive. "Honda's well-earned reputation for minimising its environmental impact made this opportunity very attractive. Our goal is to leave green skies for our kids and harnessing natural energy sources goes a long way to achieve this. We also thought, as this has never been done before, it's perfect for Honda to lead the way once again."

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