Honda's experimental walking assist device


May 19, 2008

Honda's Experimental Walking Assist Device

Honda's Experimental Walking Assist Device

May 19, 2008 The future of wearable exoskeleton devices is not limited to military (or superhero) applications as this experimental walking device from Honda demonstrates. Shown last month at BARRIER FREE 2008 in Japan, the partial exoskeleton uses hip angle sensors and two flat brushless DC motors controlled by an on-board CPU to supplement natural walking movement.

The culmination of research that began back in 1999, the device has now entered into the feasibility stage according to Honda.

Weighing around 2.8kg, the device would be made in three different sizes and run on a Lithium ion battery capable of providing 2 hours assisted walking per charge at a pace of 4.5 km/h. It is aimed at assisting people who can still walk on their own, but who could benefit from the added stride length the device offers.

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