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Honda shows five seater New Small Concept


January 5, 2010

Honda's "new small concept"

Honda's "new small concept"

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India’s automotive industry is the second fastest growing in the world and has exceptional prospects. Already the ninth largest in the world it is expected to become one of the largest in the world several decades from now. Already the auto makers are developing specifically for the future, with Honda Siel Cars India (HSCI) pulling the covers off what has been dubbed the “Honda New Small Concept”, a very small vehicle with seating for five people. The world premier was aptly staged at the Auto Expo 2010 in New Delhi, India's leading auto show, along with new small cars from Toyota, Volkswagen, Nissan and Ford.

Ff Nirvana means bliss ... and free from wants, the Delhi Motor Show is small car Nirvana in no less than six different Avatars. Almost every global major is showcasing a new small car avatar, that promises to free you of your desires of a large car. Small car concept from Honda and Suzuki , Etios from Toyota, Polo from Volkswagen, Micra from Nissan and Figo from Ford; each car has its own story to tell. ...

India is the worlds second fastest growing car market; but with a car ownership ratio of only 4 per 1000 people compared to nearly 500 per 1000 people in America , most of Europe and the developed world...people see India as a big oppurtunity. But with a billion plus population with is very much unique, this oppurtunity promises to spawn many unique ideas and products.

By 2050, India will have more cars than any other country, and Japan’s second largest auto maker is clearly planning to get its share of sales by competing with local makers planning to offer the world’s cheapest cars. HSCI also announced plans to begin sales of a car based on this concept in both India and Thailand in2011.

Honda will strive to provide a new small-sized vehicle that is beyond the expectations of customers in rapidly growing markets and offer it at an affordable price by leveraging Honda's global parts sourcing network. The visual presence of the Small Car Concept is interesting, even if the name isn't (did the marketing department go on holidays this week?).

It has been dubbed an "Efficient Energetic Exterior" and there's little doubt that it does have a presence beyond its size.


There are half-a-dozen small Honda models over here in Japan that aren\'t marketed for America, but sell like hotcakes here and internationally.

This little Honda concept will fit right in (no pun intended).


Many cars and trucks are sold around the world and are not sold in the USA. Americans are getting the shaft and americans do not even know it. Check out alibaba.com for more cars and trucks motor cycles and scooters.


I agree, America IS getting the proverbial \"shaft\" (& I don\'t mean the drive-kind!) In my opinion, it\'s the combination of protectionism from competition, cheap gas, and car safety run amuck! We are so protected from ourselves, I\'m surprised that motorcycle imports are still allowed! I say, if a person wants to make the choice of a very small, light vehicle, let them! I\'m so glad that a person can still make their own 3-wheeled, enclosed cabin scooter or motorcycle in most states if they keep it under 1500lbs. A host of small business manufactures are trying to build them now as well. Keeping the costs low enough to be attractive is the main issue but the high mpg they get helps. Keep snoozing, Detroit!

Will, the tink

I\'d but one over a Fit, which is bigger than I want. Car companies are idiots, but the stupidity is only eclipsed buy the American consumer. If they buy it, it will come.

Kenny Andersen
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