Honda announces new V4 adventure sports tourer - the Crosstourer


October 20, 2011

Honda's 1200 V4 Crosstourer

Honda's 1200 V4 Crosstourer

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Honda has confirmed that the Crosstourer concept shown at the 2010 EICMA show in Milan will go into mass production. The Crosstourer uses the V4 engine from the VFR1200F, plus long travel suspension, a more upright riding position plus the option of a Dual Clutch Transmission.

Clearly Honda is aiming the Crosstourer at the adventure marketplace currently dominated by BMW's R1200GS and populated by the likes of Yamaha's XT1200Z Super Tenere, Ducati's Multistrada, Triumph's Tiger and Suzuki's V-Strom. Just where the bike is positioned in the road-dirt mix with its 1200cc V4 engine is hard to determine just yet.

Though images of the Crosstourer concept from last year area available, Honda is giving away very little information at this point about what differences the production model will have to the concept.

The only statement released by Honda on the bike so far comes from the leader of the development team, Yosuke Hasegawa:"The Crosstourer offers a high-level fusion of vibrant off-road styling, upright riding position, V4 engine power and Dual Clutch Transmission that offers more direct power transmission and easy operation. We are convinced that we have successfully brought out new value in what can be termed the true Crossover Concept."


The front of that motorcycle looks FUGLY like a Fat little bird


I always found the inline fours to be a little easier to work on than the Vee\'s. Nice bike.


I\'m a BMW fan but the V4 Honda Magna I had was the sweetest engine I have ever had in about 15 motorcycles. I would love to have the bike except it looks like it will for those with a longer inseam than I have.

Ken Osborne

I currently have a Honda \'crossover\' bike, the dn-01. It needed some work to make it rideable as a sport touring bike. It too has the upright seating. With its minuscule windshield it was unrideable above 45 mph. I should have taken note when the dealer had the after market windshield already called up on the Internet. With a givi windshield this 700 cc bike is now rideable on the highway. Add a couple of hard mount bags and it a decent touring bike. Hopefully Honda does put a decent windshield and matching saddle bags on it.

Ken Lowder

why would anyone copy the insanely stupid BMW side opening saddle bags? what a moron.

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