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Hanging speaker system directs music to a listener's ears

Giving into the urge to surround yourself in music at work or at home isn't a problem if there's only yourself to worry about. If you want to listen without bothering those around you, though, closed-back headphones would seem a logical choice. But long-haul use can be a little uncomfortable. Richard Haberkern's new Soundlazer VR directional speakers hang overhead like a light fitting and direct wirelessly streamed audio straight to the target listener, for the promise of a "high fidelity, focused cloud of sound that others can't hear."Read More

Internet of Things wireless turntable allows for live remote listening

There's been something of a return to vinyl music listening of late, with the Recording Industry Association of America figures showing album revenues for last year of $416 million – a high that hasn't been seen since the end of the 1980s. Digital music, particularly streaming, still rules the roost of course, so it's no surprise that audio equipment manufacturers like Sony and Akai are catering to the modern enthusiast with digital and analog hybrids. Vowel-hating, US-based vinyl record subscription service Vnyl is taking a step further with a trntbl that ditches physical output connections for wireless audio streaming, while also catering for music-related social networking.Read More

Digital box promises easy audio enhancement that won't break the bank

The Aftermaster Pro is a small, fairly affordable box that's designed to give everyday audio a kick, upping TV dialogue volume and clarity, while improving the listening experience as a whole. Currently available for pre-order via crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, the box is designed to be very simple to use, and providing it performs as advertised, is rather compelling.Read More


Review: Miyo DAC/amp turns up the heat on handy hi-res music listening

Just over a year ago, a bunch of audio nerds launched a Kickstarter to get a new digital-to-analog converter and headphone amp into the hands of fellow high resolution music lovers. The Colorado startup promised backers that the palm-friendly Miyo would deliver the same kind of audio quality and sonic detail found in a professional recording studio. The campaign proved successful and the aluminum brick has since started shipping to consumers. We've spent the last few weeks rocking out with this useful audio toolbox, while also feeling the warmth radiating from the device itself.Read More


Review: Portable JmGO View projector delivers home theater from a tube

Although the latest Ultra HD 4K TV screens can blow your mind with stunning picture quality, there's something magical when it comes to watching movies from a projector. Maybe because it creates that theater feel and atmosphere. Or it could be the transformative nature of converting blank, open spaces into full-color entertainment. To help us decide, JmGO sent us an early unit of its latest projector. We've spent the past couple of weeks kicking back and catching some cord-free flicks on the JmGO View.Read More

Flagship headphone tech without the high-end price tag

The release of the Final's series-topping Sonorous X headphones last year was met with a good sprinkling of critical acclaim from industry reviewers and audio-loving consumers alike. But the arresting $5,000 ticket price wasn't so welcome. The Japanese audio house has now announced two new Sonorous family members boasting the same design techniques, technology and tonal characteristics as the company's flagship headphones, but at a faction of the cost.Read More


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