DSLR Wheel of Filters has 18 ways to take lo-fi photos


December 17, 2012

The DSLR Wheel of Filters can be used on Canon or Nikon cameras

The DSLR Wheel of Filters can be used on Canon or Nikon cameras

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Some people think photography is about capturing images which are perfectly composed, tack-sharp, distortion-free and have amazingly life-like colors. If you're one of them, look away now! The DSLR Wheel of Filters is a plastic lens and wheel attachment which lets photographers use their DSLR to take decidedly lo-fi and filtered snaps which look like they've come from a toy camera.

The DSLR Wheel of Filters follows on from the Holga iPhone Lens Filter Kit. It consists of a Holga base-lens, which comes in Nikon F-mount or Canon EF/EF-S mount varieties, and two wheels which each boast nine color filters or effect lenses.

Users mount the base-lens as they would any other, and then snap on one of the rotating wheels. One is packed with color filters: solids, dual colors, and color surrounds. The other has macro lenses, prisms to achieve images similar to a Holga multiple way split image filter, and even a kaleidoscope.

Both wheels also feature an empty hole for shooting with no additional effect. The plastic Holga base-lens can also be used on its own to take wonderfully/ridiculously lo-fi images or video – that's depending on whether you think using it is a bit of creative fun, or a waste of a perfectly good DSLR.

While the device is certain to be derided by some (you might want to think twice before using it in public on something like a Nikon D800e) it's available online for US$40.

Source: Photojojo

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