Hi-Fido speaker - its bark is worse than its bite


February 8, 2010

The Hi-Fido audio speaker

The Hi-Fido audio speaker

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Product designer Matteo Cibic has come up with a very distinctive desktop speaker in the aptly named Hi-Fido. Shaped like a headless dog wearing an Elizabethan collar, Hi-Fido sports a 150-watt speaker that “uses the acoustic properties of ceramic to diffuse the high quality sound with a bass reflex system”.

The Hi-Fido measures 40x30x25cm and a limited edition of just 50 will be made, with only 10 available for the U.S. It will be available from April at a price yet to be announced, but dog lovers can book their Hi-Fido through Matteo Cibic Studio now.

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