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A'ME heated grips designed to warm winter cyclists


August 26, 2011

A'ME's Clamp-On MTB Heated Tri Grips are designed to warm the hands of winter cyclists

A'ME's Clamp-On MTB Heated Tri Grips are designed to warm the hands of winter cyclists

While heated handlebar grips may be nothing new for snowmobilers or motorcyclists, they're something that mountain bikers have never been offered before - or have they? The comments board is open, if you know of a previous product. In any case, A'ME's Clamp-On MTB Heated Tri Grips are just such an animal. If you're a cold-weather cyclist who doesn't like wearing thick gloves that cause your hands to get sweaty, they may be just what you're looking for.

The grips' internal heaters are powered by a rechargeable 11.1 volt lithium-ion battery pack, which attaches to the handlebar stem or frame with an included mounting kit. Watertight connectors allow the system to be used in snow and rain. Jumper leads are also available, should riders wish to save money and use a battery pack they already own.

Six temperature settings are available, which can be selected by pressing a button - an LED on each grip indicates its current setting. This could come in handy (no pun intended), as riders' hands tend to heat up throughout the ride.

The gripping surface itself is patented Vulcathane rubber, with a triangle pattern. It comes in six colors.

A'ME's Clamp-On MTB Heated Tri Grips are available online from the company website, at a price of US$199 for the entire kit. If you already own a compatible battery pack, the grips alone can be purchased for $80. The company is also about to release a heated handlebar wrap for road bikes, which should be available next month.

Urban cyclists who don't want to spend quite so much money might also want to check out the lower-tech BarBra.

Source: Urban Velo

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These would probably be fine for a cold day in the Fall, but if it\'s winter I\'m using Dogwood Designs Pogies. On a -30F day I don\'t have to wear gloves.

Robin Lendrum

A quick search on Amazon proves that this is not a first. Good design though.


Ski poles would be great idea for these.


A very useful gadget! Hope to see it soon in my country too and the price is ok...


Unfortunately, this won\'t fit very well on shifters such as SB-8S20 or SL-8S20, that came with my Shimano internal gear hub.

Nicolas Marchildon
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