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Health and Wellbeing

As a global hotspot for skin cancer problems, its not surprising that Australia is at the forefront of research into UV protection for the skin. What is surprising is the technology being applied to this end...  Read More

Sonic Dental Care

Philips Electronics latest power toothbrush - the Sonicare Elite - uses "sonic" technology that combines high frequency bristle motion and dynamic cleaning action.  Read More

SmartAid Bandage to provide next generation wound care

This sterile bandage contains embedded sensors that can transmit information from a wound to medical personnel.  Read More

Battelle scientists look to future of healthcare with Firstlook fetal monitor and smart ba...

The disparate interests of engineers and artists don't normally intersect in the workplace, but at Battelle they do. At Battelle's Healthcare Products division, artists and engineers each bring their unique skills and viewpoints to design the healthcare products for the future. "It's an interesting and necessary, mix," said Larry Barbera, Director of Industrial Design at Battelle Healthcare Products and a 20-year veteran industrial designer at Battelle whose portfolio includes working for Apple Computers and Hewlett Packard. "When people think of Battelle they think of science, but there is so much more to making a usable product than just making sure it works," Barbera said. "Art and design hit the emotional qualities in people and influences their choices. Good design always makes the product experience more meaningful and positive. Design touches the human element in all we do at Battelle."  Read More

This sterile bandage contains embedded sensors that can transmit information from a wound to medical personnel.  Read More

Now colour can be measured too

How tanned is too tanned? Those who like to maintain their bronze glow to the perfect level might appreciate this hand-held device that accurately measures the depth of a tan. PocketSpec Bronz measures the darkness of the skin and registers a "TanTone" number between 1 and 1000...  Read More

Environmentally Friendly Alternative for Feminine Hygiene

The mark of a good invention is that it delivers benefits to the broader community as well as a specific audience. 'The Keeper', a small, internally worn reusable menstrual cup does just that - providing women with a comfortable, inexpensive alternative to tampons...  Read More

Bionic eye offers hope to the blind

Sandia National Laboratories have released a prototype "eye-chip" that may eventually achieve the miraculous goal of restoring sight to the blind. Part of an ambitious project involving several US national labs and Universities...  Read More

VitalLink 1200 links patient to physician - virtually

The VitalLink 1200 System is a "Telemedicine" system designed to provide a direct virtual link between patient and physician by monitoring vital signs and transmitting the information via a wireless LAN connection...  Read More

Glucose Biographer

GlucoWatch Biographer is a consumer product that measures glucose levels frequently, automatically and non-invasively, enabling people with diabetes and health care professionals to identify trends in fluctuating glucose levels that would be difficult to detect using current testing techniques.  Read More

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