Gizmag video review – Drift Innovation HD-170 actioncam vs. GoPro HERO HD


August 26, 2010

The Drift Innovation HD-170 and the GoPro HERO HD

The Drift Innovation HD-170 and the GoPro HERO HD

If you’d like to know more about any of the cameras in this piece, check out my earlier articles on the HD-170, the HERO HD, and the ATC9K.

Added Aug. 27/10: This just in! GoPro informs us that the LCD screen for the HERO HD will cost US$69.

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I would recommand the Drift HD170, No doubt about that. All the other cameras are pretty over exposed, the Drift is teh one that refect the actual lighting conditions.

Facebook User

I have been using my gopro hero HD for months now and have not found any video to be over exposed in many different situations. The video quality is just amazing for such a camera

Todd Sandercock
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