Hälssen & Lyon tea calendar serves up a cuppa every day


May 14, 2013

Each date of the Hälssen & Lyon tea calendar is printed on a thin square of compressed tea leaves

Each date of the Hälssen & Lyon tea calendar is printed on a thin square of compressed tea leaves

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Calendars are one of the oldest means of advertising in the world, and it's still standard practice for big companies to send out calendars to business partners and clients. However, they're normally made of paper and covered with the brand logo and pictures of the company's products. German tea producer Hälssen & Lyon decided to do something a little different by creating what's billed as the world's first tea calendar.

The Hälssen & Lyon tea calendar is made from actual tea. Real leaves were processed and compressed before being sliced into 1 mm thick squares. These were then stamped with the date and slotted together to show one week at a time. The result is a calendar made almost completely out of tea.

The square pages of tea are not just for show. Peel one off, drop it in a mug, add boiling water, and it will dissolve to create a brew, with a different blend for each of the 365 days in a year. Of course, there is a chance that the tea will have gone slightly stale come the latter months of the year, but it's an novel concept nonetheless.

Unfortunately the Hälssen & Lyon tea calendar is not available to buy, being produced only for a select few business partners of the company. Which is a shame because as someone who drinks tea every single day – I am English, after all – I'd gladly pay a small fortune for a calendar that served up a cuppa for every day of the year.

The video embedded below shows how the Hälssen & Lyon tea calendar was created, and details a little of the inspiration behind the concept.

Source: Kolle Rebbe via The Inspiration Room

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So clever. I love it!


Instead of throwing it away, one makes tea with it? That not only sounds tasty but also green. :) (especially if it is green tea :) ).


איזה יופי

Avital Nathansohn

I'm a tea drinker and would love this. I agree with BigWarpGuy,, no waste, nothing for the landfill....

Joe Sobotka
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