GSI Commuter Java Press brews no-hassle coffee on the go


August 14, 2012

The Java Commuter Press uses inner and outer mugs

The Java Commuter Press uses inner and outer mugs

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In a society that's always looking for quicker, easier ways of getting a caffeine fix, any new type of coffee brewing instrument has to either make okay coffee faster or simply make better coffee. The GSI Outdoors Commuter Java Press promises to do both - on the go.

The French press is often listed among the top ways to brew coffee. It supposedly wrings more flavor out of ground beans than the automatic drip machine. The Commuter Java Press takes advantage of the superior brewing of French press-type hardware while making it a little easier and quicker to use. It's not the first cup to integrate a press, but it does tweak the design.

Instead of the typical round filter on a plunger, the Commuter Java Press uses an "inner mug" with a filter on the bottom and the lid on the top. The inner mug slides into the outer mug, creating a tight seal with the outer mug and keeping the grounds in the bottom while allowing their robust flavor to permeate the hot water above. It simultaneously provides a second insulating wall that helps to keep the coffee hotter for longer. So brewing coffee becomes about as easy as putting a lid on a cup.

Here's about how we envision the Commuter Java Press working on an average day: Heat some water up on the stove or in the microwave while you fix your tie and put on your shoes. Double back to the kitchen; toss some coffee into the Commuter Java Press; dump the water in; and push the inner mug down into the outer mug. Then you're on your way. Just grab the cup, head out the door and let it steep on the run - no excess waiting, pouring or fiddling. If you need cream and sugar, just unscrew the lid and prepare your coffee to taste.

Other than its coffee-pressing innards, the Commuter Java Press is a regular travel coffee mug. It has a foam sleeve around the outside for extra insulation, a flip-top drinking lid and a non-slip bottom. It holds 15 fl oz (444 ml).

The Commuter Java Press will hit the market in time for northern spring 2013. It will retail for US$19.95.

Source: GSI Outdoor

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Nice, but not a new idea. Bodum Travelpress has been on the market for years.


The brewing essentially stops when you push down the inner mug / filter so it'd be best to dump in the water and grounds before doing the shoe and tie thing. Might want to fit brushing your teeth in there too or your java might still be a bit weak.

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