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Greenbox irrigation system waters your plants with help from your phone


March 8, 2013

Greenbox is an iOS-controlled irrigation system that uses local weather data to determine ...

Greenbox is an iOS-controlled irrigation system that uses local weather data to determine and set customized watering programs (Image: 22seeds)

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There's a smartphone-operated device available to control pretty much every area inside the home these days, so it makes sense that smart devices should extend beyond four walls to manage outside spaces as well. The team at 22seeds have developed just such a system, known as Greenbox – it uses local weather data to determine and set customized plant-watering programs.

The system setup package includes a physical control unit and iOS app, alongside the supporting Greenbox cloud back-end. The control unit is compatible with standard 24-volt AC in-line solenoid valves and is therefore interchangeable with many existing irrigation systems.

The iOS app communicates with the Greenbox controller via Bluetooth Smart in the standard version, called Greenbox Seed. In addition, co-founder and CMO Dori Dayan confirmed this week that an advanced version of the system named Greenbox Remote Access would include WiFi and use a web application currently in development, in order to manage home irrigation remotely.

The package includes a physical control unit, iOS app and the supporting backend Greenbox ...

The Greenbox irrigation system hopes to distinguish itself from other devices in the market through a competitive pricing structure. Removal of the traditional physical interface will pass savings to the consumer through utilizing the user's existing mobile device, to create an experience that is customizable and programmable according to changing local climates.

The Greenbox iOS app can flexibly control up to eight watering stations using the cloud-driven weather data, subsequently preventing unnecessary watering, conserving water and saving money. For example, heavy rain or severe heat might trigger a suggested change in the watering program, that is flagged on your iOS device.

The developers at 22seed intend to expand compatibility to other Bluetooth Smart-ready devices following the product’s release. Users on non-iOS platforms can use the Greenbox Remote Access web package in the future, to control and monitor Greenbox through the internet locally or remotely.

The app enables you to customize up to eight watering stations in your home irrigation sys...

“By using Bluetooth Smart, we’ve created a setup experience that any user can easily handle. Simply launch the iOS app, and the controller is immediately paired with your device, from right within the app. The whole process takes seconds to complete,” said Uzi Halaby-Senerman, Co-Founder and CEO of 22seeds.

The company is currently raising funds for the Greenbox system production on Kickstarter, and is starting prices at US$99 for early backers (retail price will be approximately $200 for the basic model Greenbox). Product delivery is scheduled for July.

Source: 22seeds via Kickstarter

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