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Greenbutts cigarette filters sprout flowers when planted


April 6, 2010

Greenbutts LLC has created natural cigarette filters that break down in the environment to sprout grass shoots or flowers

Greenbutts LLC has created natural cigarette filters that break down in the environment to sprout grass shoots or flowers

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Let’s start by saying Gizmag doesn’t condone any form of smoking – they’re all bad for you. But we recognize that millions of people do, and it’s not just the extra cost on the community for smoking-related illnesses that irks most non-smokers, it’s also the trillions of cigarette butts that end up littering our sidewalks, roadways, parks, etc., many of which end up in our waterways. Greenbutts wants to tackle the problem with a 100 percent biodegradable cigarette filter... with extra benefits. The manufacturers say when a green butt is placed under a thin layer of soil it sprouts into green grass shoots or even blooming flowers.

Currently, cigarette filters are made from cellulose acetate and although technically they are biodegradable, this can take as along as 10-15 years in certain environmental conditions. Greenbutts says it is estimated that 4.5 trillion cigarette butts become litter every year and back in 2006, during the International Coastal Cleanup, cigarettes and cigarette butts constituted 24.7 percent of the total collected pieces of garbage, over twice as much as any other category. It’s not just the physical filters that are the problem because as they break down, the filtered cellulose acetate and carbon particles, suspected of causing harm in humans, can leach into our waterways and water supplies.

Greenbutts says its new filter is manufactured from 100 percent all-natural and compostable materials - organic cotton and natural de-gummed hemp. Wheat flour and pure water bind the filter elements as they are spun together. No chemicals or hidden additives are used.

The company encourages users to collect their green butts in a planter instead of an ashtray and watch them grow into green grass shoots or flowers... we're not quite sure exactly what sort of flowers. It also says that if you use its filters with additive-free tobacco you can have a true "all-natural cigarette".

Greenbutts is currently seeking investment and partnership opportunities so no word on availability or pricing yet.

But if you really want an all-natural feeling, we suggest steering clear of cigarettes and tobacco products altogether. Need help quitting?


Compostable is GOOD! \"Flowers or grass seeds\" is NOT!!

If I have \'sodded\' my front yard with a particular type of grass, then I do NOT want someone\'s cig. butt to give sprout to some OTHER type of grass!! Imagine how this would be COMPOUNDED for a business! If they landscape ACRES of grass around their buildings, they would HATE smokers who just throw their cig. butts out into the grass, shrubs, and flower-beds, and give sprout to \"WEEDS\" in their expensively maintained landscaping! They could even take root in the sewer systems, like around grates--where the debri collects in an area that still gets at least some sunlight. That would turn that DEBRI into a \'natural earthen dam\'! And it would be a HUGE problem for the maint. people!

So, make them dissolve into the earth, but DO NOT make them \"GROW\"!!



Really relivdallas? point 1, fair call. point 2, MOOT point, if a business has gone to that much effort to landscape their gardens, its safe to say that there will be someone maintaining it. Said maintenance people if doing their job should be on top of these MINOR issues, and the MORE important issues, like emptying my trash bin.

and i agree on your 3rd point, somewhat, honestly, growing is better than a landfill, that and make people more responsible for their rubbish, singapore has laws that mandate this, works well, raises revenue that goes to recycling and other social programs.

Registered Just for this

Why do DOUCHEBAGS that post messages to blogs do it BY CAPITALIZING every OTHER word? Is IT because they BELIEVE that CAPITALIZING every OTHER word, THEIR post has MORE meaning? By, sodded, THE POSTER above PROBABLY means he \'stared OUT THE WINDOW AT THE CONCRETE\' of his BASEMENT studio APARTMENT.

Donald Johnson

Why not put tobacco seeds in the butts?

Facebook User

What an awful idea. Invasive species much?


Great point relivdallas!! That could be a really big problem.

Kris Brown

@Floyd so ALL those cig butts that are currently being tossed on manicured lawns, common areas, woods and sidewalks are okay \'cause there\'s no worry \'bout new knids of flora sprouting from them? sheeeeesh

Wendy Woodall

what about all the cancerious crap in the butt that will still be in the ground where the filter was dripped... what a lazy idea... once smoking is banned it wont be an issue...

Facebook User

I would be surprised if these plants grew at all. Cigarette butts contain all the filtered toxins from the cigarette, including tar. Cigarette butts are a toxic pollutant to any soil. That\'s why there\'s never anything growing in an ashtray flowerpot.

Matt Dailey


Greenbutts does not condone littering, the idea is to encourage people to recycle their butts own their own property instead of send them to the landfill. Tobacco is a natural product, all of the additives that go into the tobacco and filter make the cigarette toxic! People all over the world are going to continue to smoke, why not encourage a company that is attempting to sove the problem....

Alexander Van Osten

OK...I know the focus of this article was on the fact that the butts will grow into something green. Flowers or grass - doesn\'t really matter to me - either is better than a butt that just gets soggy without purpose, c\'mon people. I\'m sure someone\'s overly manicured lawn can handle the occasion errant seed once in a while. What I haven\'t heard anyone talk about is this: it actually TASTES BETTER! (Full Disclosure - I was lucky enough to be a guinea pig for testing this filter). I don\'t smoke. Maybe the occasion cigar at weddings or clove cigarettes. I\'m a girly smoker through and through and always was sort of grossed out by the taste of cigarettes. Listen up people - it\'s the filter you hate, not the tobacco. Not that I\'m encouraging new smokers to take it up, but people have smoked for thousands of years in some form and that isn\'t going to change. This filter makes for a smooth smoking experience and makes you realize that bad aftertaste in your mouth was from god-knows-what-chemicals from you-know-who (insert major tobacco corporation here). And who wants to inject burnt plastic on a daily basis? On purpose? Gross. This new filter is so simple, but it will rock your world! Try it!

Laurel Mawema

Obviously having everyone just stop smoking and/or littering would be ideal.

Since the world is far from ideal, and actually overrun with fairly lazy, under-educated, unconcerned individuals I appreciate Greenbutt\'s attempts to make lemonade out of lemons.

Disgusting brown crud decaying all over the place, or dissolving hemp fiber with green sprouts popping up? Seems like an easy choice to me. (The latter)

However, some legitimate concerns:

Invasive Species? Toxic Chemicals?


Utilization of relatively Non-Invasive Seeds/Species?

Perhaps even Regionalized/Native wildflowers or plant species suited to specific regions?

Perhaps utilization of nitrogen or carcinogen-loving plants to absorb toxic chemicals? (This approach is actually already utilized in passive, plant-based water-treatment technologies.)

Just thinking out loud here, but really kind of surprised how quick so many are to begin throwing out caustic criticisms with no attempt of offering constructive solutions.

Thought this blog was supposed to be geared toward innovative, imaginative people.

Kudos to the innovative. The negative can get back in line with the rest of the sheep.

Don\'t even smoke, but love the concept. Can certainly imagine this lending to a greener, healthier environment.



I really think the whole point of making this grow into a plant is only green on the surface, combustion of anything makes chemical reactions that will cause toxins to be hosted in this filter. These bioaccumulotoxins leech from the filter within 22 days, this is much more damaging to the environment than the filter itself, so keeping them off the ground is more the goal. Responsible Smokers Act, my nonprofit idea is to make ashtrays that educate. while facilitating the act of smoking responsibly with proper disposal out of the filter itself, a solution within the problem, UPCYCLE!!

Responsible Act

so why not make the filters biodegradable out of the stalk of the plant or use hemp instead of sprouting seeds that will overrun everything. Get rid of the plastic period it doesn't need to be there and no one wants to smoke it. using materials that are less resistant and will compose in water would be the best solution since water is the most common substance in the world. well if that's not enough lets get into proper disposal well since smokes could then be broken down easier just put the smokes where there more liable to break down. i have already created an idea and currently working on the patent but in order for my idea to work all smokes would have to be biodegradable in water.

Jeff Barker

sprout flowers?? haha that's new :D smokers won't stop smocking well at least you are trying to reduce damage :) appreciate it :) especially that i am a non-smoker

Carol Short

Ha... And how many of you anti smokers drive? Lol...

Maxyne Baker
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