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Inventor claims this robot is "the greatest toy in the universe," might be right


February 11, 2012

The toy robot's launchers can be aimed by remotely tilting it and shoots farther when the fire button is held down longer

The toy robot's launchers can be aimed by remotely tilting it and shoots farther when the fire button is held down longer

If you're going to call your invention "the greatest (fill in the blank) in the universe," you'd better be prepared to show off something truly amazing. Luckily for toy maker, Jaimie Mantzel, he may be onto something with his remote-controlled, six-legged robot. It may not have a name yet, but with its various attachments for shooting different projectiles and break away battle armor, it's sure to show up on some Christmas lists in the future.

Mantzel's little robot walks on six legs and is guided by a remote control, but what makes it stand out are the different attachments that can be fitted to the top to fire foam darts, discs, or ping pong balls. The launchers can be aimed by remotely tilting it and shoots farther when the fire button is held down longer. Armor pieces in various colors and designs can also be outfitted to customize the robot, some of which break off when hit just right with a projectile, making it perfect for robot-on-robot battles.

Right now there are only a few prototypes to show off, since the finished version will require a few mechanical and design tweaks. Currently the robot is pretty loud when in motion, but Mantzel says that's just for the prototype and that the final product will be much quieter. He also plans to implement a target attachment for battles that will light up when hit with a projectile and possibly shut the robot down after three hits.

Toy company, Wow! Stuff, is already on board to produce and distribute Manzel's toy and is holding a contest to name it, with the prize being the finished product.

Check out the videos below to see a sleep-deprived Mantzel demonstrate the little bot as well as Wow! Stuff's very toy commercial-like take on it.

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Stanley Dickie

Fantastically COOOOOL!

Edgar Castelo

Lol! Super cool!!!!! I\'m still a big kid ;)

Mark Smith

Cool robot toy. Real fun to play with.

MyToy King




Marcus Carr

Hexagonian - love your work and ethusiasm hope it kicks some butt :)

Dave Yuill

Reminds me of the song, \'The Murderous Toy\'


Stephen Dedman

\"the greatest toy in the universe,\" NO. The greatest toy in the universe is either a large cardboard box, or a big pile of LEGOs.


How about Attacknids

B Petersen

it really does look great. A name to capture all this could be is hard. perhaps \"Crattacknoid\"


Days of the terminator are coming!!! What with quantum computing, robotic quadcopters that can swarm and now this projectile firing robot, it won\'t be long till we have a full on robot uprising!

Sean Foster

call it the \"SPIDER DRONE\"


ComBot, and after three direct hits the opponent bot should flip over, legs in the air.


Matzel, I want your job! I know I cannot have it, you did a great job with this spidershooter. Congratz!

Marius Gruita

not impressed...

Stefan Padureanu

I am looking forward to seeing what the Hacker / Maker community can do with these once they hit the market. I\'m sure one or two warranties for them will get voided within a day or two of them coming out of the box at my house. My Dr. Who action figure had better be ready with his Sonic Screwdriver! ;)

Gene Jordan

When it comes time for the biopic of Mr. Mantzel\'s life and contributions to the universe, I hope they pick Nicholas Cage to play him. He definitely fits my preconceived notion of how a consummate, committed toymaker should talk and act.


Slowburn, point VERY will taken. However this does shoot stuff, which is way cool. But you need a partner with another unit, indoor space, and LOTS of batteries. And at the end of the day it is what it is, and no more. No such limitations on the Fort/Ship/Cave/Tank/etc. of my youth. A good read is \"Not a Box\" by Antoinette Portis.

Bruce H. Anderson

These name suggestions that refer to spiders really don\'t work--this has 6 legs, not the 8 that spiders and crabs have. Think insect.

Love this thing though--and I love the inventor\'s enthusiasm


The WOW! will be the dent it makes in your wallet. If it\'s going to be any good, it won\'t be cheap.

Gregg Eshelman

Awesome, now increase its size 20 times and we are good to go ....anyone have a spare field for robot wars?

Ross Mcewen-Page

Actually, the best toy ever is your first flashlight, which is actually a fusion-powered spaceship.



I think they should be called Arthrobots.

Tom Smith

Wow, what an amazing feat that is! I congratulate you on your success! I have a couple names that could represent your robots! Odyssey-X , Arachnid Drones, Night Crawler, Armor droid! I will try to round up a few more cool names, I\'ll comment tomorrow with some more! congrats again!


re; jimbo92107

Flashlight and LEGOs.


i want one, so i can modify it and put a laser beam on it

Eric Malatji

Call it \"ROBOSPIDER\"


XOIX captures a lot of what this creepy crawly does. At least that is what my little guy Paul thinks. So we have a choice of : ZOIX, ZOYX, XOYX, XOIX. Take your pick. If you like all ...that\'ll be four kits, please, one for each kid...or something like that....great toy !


My Name suggestion is \"WOWBOT\"! . . .since it packs a lot of \"WOW\"!!!



Isn\'t it obvious? These are Broids.

Joe Gichuki

Arthrobot - Robotized variation of the animal species group Arthropod

Erik Hansen

Starborgs has a nice ring to it.


Decidroid, decidrone, decibel, megadrone, decibot, megabot, megadroid, nano drone, nanodroid, nanobot, these are some cool names for robots! Pick one:D



In mythology learned men and inventors created magically powered machines that appeared as lions, spiders, scorpions, etc. These obedient tools of destruction were known as Chimera. in addition I feel we can incorporate your claim to the \"greatest toy in the world\" or \"gtiw\" or \"g2\" get it?

The name you are looking fOr is, drum roll please:

Chimera G2.

Sean Brosinsky

It should have surveillance system attachments, laser aiming, and bb shot,

Dawar Saify

My submission for its name is: Mechnotron

I like the idea one person had about the bot flipping over and \'playing dead\' when it is \'defeated\'. That would make for hours of fun. I had a brilliant Idea to add to this: It should be able to launch small sphere-shaped drones that seek out and \'explode\' next to the enemy firing airsoft pellets ouf of small holes all around the ouside surface sorf of like a drone grenade (dont get any ideas, military) One more thing, put a camera on this thing it would be the most awesome thing in the universe to be able to have realtime video (with recording capabilities) on the remote. Imagine surprising friends and family with a barrage of foam projectiles and then being able to post their hilarious reactions straight to the internet. Let me know if you pick my name, and hey if you use my ideas and make millions from them, remember your friend.

Cody Curtin

Reminds me of Runaway (1984) So, I guess \"Vectrocon robot spiders\" is already taken. ;)

Trey Rowzie

\"Pay no attention to those wires... Doctor\'s orders.\"

Thomas Roberts

"Atlas Chalcosoma" or "Spidertech Armory" or "beetle badass" B.B. Tech also what if the projectiles were made out of a foam that can be ground and remade into more projectiles and the device simply creates the projectiles during battle almost a limitless ammo theres another one ammobeetlebot...good day sir

Jnj Rievert

Creepy Brawlers, or Insect-a-zoids, or Insectobots, Sectoids, Secto-Battle-Bots, Battlefield Battle Bots, the N-SECT. Creepy Brawlers is the most clever sounding, but I guess they don't really brawl, more like battle. How bout Creepy Brawling Battle Bots!!!

Trevor Stephens
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