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GPS AdventureBox merges geocaching and gift-giving


December 29, 2013

A prototype of the GPS AdventureBox that sends recipients on mission to unlock its contents

A prototype of the GPS AdventureBox that sends recipients on mission to unlock its contents

It's often said that experiences make better gifts than physical products, but the GPS AdventureBox is designed to deliver both. In a merging of geocaching and gift-giving, the GPS-enabled box locks away a physical gift or note until the recipient successfully follows a trail of GPS breadcrumbs to a series of locations specified by the giver.

The box itself packs an Arduino microcontroller and small GPS unit to monitor the box's location, and an SD memory card and LCD screen to store and display the gift-giver's destination instructions. These instructions can be as simple or difficult to decipher as the giver wishes, and are inputted via a simple web interface.

Romantic scavenger hunts are one of the more obvious applications for the concept, with users able to send their better half on a stroll down memory lane by getting them to visit romantic locations, such as the site of their first kiss, first date, or marriage, before the contents of the box are revealed.

The locations can be anywhere on the planet capable of receiving a GPS signal, with the recipient pushing the box's sole button when arriving at a specified destination to receive the next set of instructions and their current distance to the next location via the LCD screen.

The box remembers the locations visited, so the recipient can take their time completing the full list of destinations. However, the locations need to be visited in the correct order for the next hint to be revealed. If the hunt takes too long and the box's batteries run out, power can be supplied via an external power port without opening the box. The giver is also able to unlock the box manually if need be.

Since the idea is for the box to be carried to various destinations, it has been kept relatively small, measuring 7.75 x 5.25 x 2.75 in (20 x 13 x 7 cm). Garret Kendrick, the man behind the concept, says the boxes will be made of Poplar wood with a clear lacquer finish.

Kendrick has taken the crowdfunding route to get his GPS AdventureBox off the ground and has already exceeded his campaign goal still with over two weeks left to run. While there are cheaper tiers for those willing to build their own box, a pledge of US$135 is the minimum for a fully assembled GPS AdventureBox. If all goes well, Kendrick will be shipping the first batch in February 2014.

The GPS AdventureBox video pitch can be viewed below.

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