Bifrost Isblå kicks off new GoS Watches collection at Baselworld


March 26, 2014

The Bifrost Isblå prototype on display at Baselworld 2014

The Bifrost Isblå prototype on display at Baselworld 2014

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The Baselworld 2014 watch show officially starts tomorrow in Basel, Switzerland, but Gizmag has already spotted a pretty special-looking watch on the trade show floor. Made by Sweden's GoS Watches, the Bifrost Isblå features a dial and crown made from what the company describes as "high-contrast" pattern-welded stainless Damascus steel.

The watch is the first in GoS' Bifrost line, "Bifrost" being the name of a rainbow bridge in Norse mythology that connects Earth with the realm of the gods. The high-contrast steel fits in with that theme, as it shines a deep iridescent blue when exposed to natural daylight, "much in the same way that a rainbow appears only when light shines through the moist air."

The high-contrast steel was created by GoS partner Johan Gustafsson, and is also used in the watch's rotor, which can be seen through a window in the back. Other stand-out features include sapphire glass, solid 18K white gold hands and index ring, and a Soprod A10 movement.

The Bifrost Isblå will be made in a limited run of 25 units, each of which is priced at US$12,600. Company founder Patrik Sjögren told us that the first production models should be delivered around May or June.

Product page: Bifrost Isblå

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