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Tread Wheel keeps dogs in shape


November 22, 2010

Treadmills to keep your dog fit and entertained

Treadmills to keep your dog fit and entertained

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Gone are the days where most houses have large back yards and the family dog can run freely. As outdoor spaces are getting smaller and people are working longer hours, often household dogs struggle to get the exercise they need. I must admit I'm a little uncomfortable with the idea of a super-sized mouse wheel, but for the family pet it may just well be a great solution for keeping active and happy.

Similar to the idea behind the Fit Fur Life Treadmills (but with a much cheaper price tag), GoPet is a North American company that manufactures tread wheels for the family dog.

The durable metal tread wheels are available in different sizes to suit your dog breed and can also come with a separate exterior cover to keep your pooch safely enclosed.

The idea is that while you are away you dog will remain entertained by running safely on the wheel.

Maybe one day we'll see an updated version where the energy from the wheel can be used to power a light in the dog's kennel or keep its bed warm at night.

Tread Wheels are available from GoPet starting off from US$375. The company also sells dog treadmills modeled on the human variety starting at around $540.

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People are NOT working longer hours, they are actually working much less than 50-100 years ago. So please stop whining.

Charles Hügli

Just add a power generator and connect it to the grid to get some income on green electricity


Make it Husky size and hook a gennie to it and we are talking!

Alan Belardinelli

Why do people think dogs like to go for a walk to get exercise? Dogs like to go for a walk because it stimulates their \"brain\". They use their strongest sense (smell) to determine who or what has been in the area. They mark their route with urine and uniquely tagged fecal matter. And lastly, the walk with other members of the pack is an instinctive act simulating the hunt and boundary protection. The exercise the dog gets during the walk is an added bonus. Dogs can\'t distinguish between fit and unfit, skinny and fat; only humans do that. If your dog is overweight, stop feeding it too much and watch what you feed it. Leave the exercise wheel for the hamster!


Does it come with the patented hamster wheel squeak?



GoPet is a company that developes and distributes dog exercise equipment. We have treadmills and dog powered treadwheels. The GoPet Treadwheel is made in different sizes from toy size to medium size breed dogs with a large breed design in development stages. The surface the dogs run on is up to to the dog owner a Flat metal wire type surface covered with a sandy grit that can help file down dog\'s nails or a prototype rubber mat that allows for a soft running surface. The treadwheel is a great design because it allows the dog to go as fast or slow as they choose. Its all up to the dog and once the training period is done the door is removed so the dog can jump in and out at their own will. Dogs that are in our office will walk up to 8 miles per day in their wheels. It is an exercise option that allows for a dog owner to be flexible in their schedules and still get a dog some exercise. Reasons for not being able to get a dog out for a walk are The weather(hot, cold ,rainy)or time constraints everyone is busier these days with one worker taking on the jobs of 2 or 3 others in the work place. Another need for the treadwheel is that dog owners are loving their dogs to death by over feeding them with treats and table scraps. This is causing an epedemic of obese dogs over 50% of dogs in the USA are overweight. These dog owners are just not getting there dogs any exercise. This causes diabetes,cushings disease,heart disease joint issues to name a few. These dogs could live a longer healthier life with fewer vet bills if they just got some exercise. Some dogs are just super high energy dogs and they need more exercise than an owner can give them so they often are given up to a rescue shelter. The wheel is a great option for those pet owners because with the wheel they will be able to finally get their dog tired out making it easier to live with and less destructive than without the treadwheel. The treadwheel costs are equal to that of dog treadmills and its all powered by the dog. My labs are dock divers in great shape with no real need for the wheel, but I have the prototype for the large breed dogs in my yard. My 3 labs have a 1/2 acre to run on but they chase each other to the wheel to be first because it gives them that runners endorphin rush and a very good cardiovascular workout that they crave. I walk my dogs 3 miles a day and swim them weather permitting 3 times a week but the wheel is something that they like to do to work off excess energy and having 3 young crazy labs it really helps. GoPet is all about the dog and getting them fit so they live longer healthier lives. Yes dogs do walk to stimulate their brain and collect and leave scents and smells, but in todays society most dogs do not get that stimulation and are never offleash to experience that type of exercise. In todays society taking a dog for a walk is what keeps him fit and stimulated and able to be fulfilled as a pack animal. People\'s time constraints health concerns and weather can keep them from getting a dog the proper amount of exercise it needs to function on a daily basis. The wheel is not a substitute but a tool that can be used in conjunction with walks. In a perfect world there would over 50% of the dog\'s in the US are overweight and that contributes to health problems. Decreasing food amounts is one way to help them lose weight but dogs like people will plateau and an increased exercise regimen will help them lose more weight. Dogs learn to use the Treadwheel quickly due to the fact that they get the same endorphin rush or stimulation from walking or exercise they go because they want to go. # 1 take a dog out for a hike and get fit yourself # 2 If there is a reason you can\'t get that much needed exercise people have tools and equipment to use and there is no reason a dog shouldn\'t have that tool to help keep it fit. # 3 There would be less high energy dogs that people dump off to shelters if they just had a way to burn off excess energy! GoPet its all about the dog!

Barry R
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