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Wear your iPad or other tablet wherever you go, with GoPad


February 10, 2012

The GoPad turns your iPad or other tablet into a wearable accessory (Photo: GoPad.ca)

The GoPad turns your iPad or other tablet into a wearable accessory (Photo: GoPad.ca)

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For those of you so in love with your iPad that you've often fantasized about a way to have your slate permanently attached to your person, a simple accessory called the GoPad isn't far off. Once attached to your tablet, it allows the iPad to be worn by creating a make-shift platform resting against your chest.

Much like the hip or "fanny" packs of years past, the GoPad has the potential to be awfully convenient, but at the risk of looking a bit, well ... dorky.

Essentially, GoPad is a deluxe iPad stand that can be manipulated - along with some of the extra accessories like the GoStrap shoulder harness - to allow the tablet to be used in a variety of positions and instances. A few of my favorite use cases suggested by the company:

  • Taking orders in a restaurant
  • Reclined computing on an airplane rather than hunching over that tiny seatback table
  • Playing video games on the go
  • An animated name tag in social settings
  • Use it as a table to hold your drink at the cocktail party

Ignoring the safety concerns involved in more on-the-go gaming and cocktail transportation, there's a solid case to be made for the overall utility of the GoPad if you're willing to hand over US$89 for the complete package, including the GoStrap harness and an ample GoBag to carry the whole thing around in.

The GoPad is also available for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, BlackBerry PlayBook, and Motorola Xoom. A smaller model to accommodate the Kindle Fire is also coming soon.

Source: GoPad

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oh gawd, that looks like it is resting on a stomach not a chest, will it work on a HP Tablet? no no not gonna buy it

Bill Bennett

Another useless device for the Appleites!


Gee, is that your stomach or your chest that the GoPad is resting against? I think the question misses the point of this invention by a long shot.

It appears to me that that the tablet's weight is actually carried by the user's neck however that's only when it's being worn while standing up. On the GoPad.ca home page you'll see a woman lying in bed while watching a movie on her iPad. The iPad/GoPad is resting on her "stomach/chest" however the significant fact to notice is that she's able to eat popcorn, rather than having to hold the iPad up in front of her - gawd!

The nstallation video on the home page demonstrates how the included GoStrap can also be used to carry all the weight on the user's shoulders. The clip also demonstrates some mind-blowing tricks for using the GoPad as a desk-stand or as a lap-stand; it even has a funny ending : ) The "GoBag" is also included with the package and IMHO it's an innovative and attractive way to carry it.

I have an iPad however I barely use it because the ergonomics of tablets stink. Tablets really are transportable rather than mobile and if I'm required to find a table or chair in order to use my tablet productively, I'd far prefer to carry my MacBook Air.

The GoPad quite literally provides an extra pair of hands that will hold my iPad for me while I'm wandering about and using it with both hands. That’s something my MacBook can't match. The speed with which it opens for use and closes for hands-free carrying like a messenger bag is amazing I'm sold!

I'm excited by this product because it's the first carrier I've seen that might make me give up my laptop and switch to my iPad. I've just reserved one and can't wait to try it out. I see tons of ways that the GoPad/iPad combo will fit into my lifestyle, both for personal and business use.


Johann B

Looks like iT was made out of some kids erector set.



The score after the first 4 comments is: 3 drive-by-shooters and 1 gosh-golly fan-boy. Personally, I'll wait until there are product reviews published by people who've actually tested it. An open mind helps.

Any invention has to first identify a real problem and then provide a unique new solution to it. This inventor postulates that the requirement to use your hands to hold the iPad makes it merely "transportable" rather than "mobile". There's some truth to that and if his mechanism can make my iPad easy to use while I'm walking around then I can see eventually buying one. I certainly like using my iPhone while I'm standing or moving around so why not the iPad?

Just the desk-stand and wall-hanging are good features. It looks promising but I'll wait and see.


Frank MacAulay

As a polio survivor with limited use of my right arm, I think most of the commentators -- and perhaps even the maker -- have missed an enormous benefit to tout. Geeky-looking or not, this seems to be a godsend for me. But when I Googled GoPad to try to buy one, I discovered another product named GoPad from ION Audio -- a foldable computer game controller. Quick, tell me where to get this GoPad -- before some trademark lawyer forces them to change their name.

[http://www.gopad.ca/store/ -Ed.]


LOL ... call me a "gosh-golly fan-boy" if you like however I noticed a comment over at inquisitr.com that I'll repost verbatim below. It fires back at the "drive-by shooters".

The interesting part of that post is the list of GoPad test sites that includes a hospital and some disabled use.

Personally, I'm going to use mine for business because I have a very mobile workplace where I'm always walking around and need to consult the company database. I'm not that interested in typing with both hands on the iPad while I move however the GoPad's hands-free web-surfing capability will definitely make my job easier.

I like "looking cool" as much as the next guy but the website videos show that when its folded and stored away behind your back, the GoPad doesn't look any "dorkier" than a bicycle messenger bag.


from comment poseted at inquisitr.com

"peter kielland (signed in using Hotmail) Seeing just these two static photos cannot possibly show how GoPad's mechanism works... you have to see it in motion. There are demonstration videos on the website that are worth watching if you really want to understand:


Dorky or cool? You decide but first consider the "Work It" or "Play It" video as well as the various usage modes demonstrated in the website's "Fit It / Use It" video.

GOPAD TESTING THAT'S CURRENTLY UNDERWAY: - GoPads are currently in trials at a major Canadian hospital where doctors are using iPads for electronic medical record keeping. - There is a Korean industrial trial underway to evaluate how the iPad can be made more useful on the shop floor (GoPads for both managers and machinists). - GoPads are also being evaluated by aircraft mechanics who need to carry and consult technical manuals while working with both hands and walking about the aircraft. - GoPads are also being used to facilitate building maintenance surveys on a large military base (lots of mobile spreadsheet input while walking about). - Testing is also underway with disabled people who have difficulty holding an iPad (they won't give the test units back). - Restaurant use is also promising.

With a bit of imagination you'll see that there are also personal applications and that the GoPad in fact changes how and where the iPad can be used.


Johann B

The iBackflip Somersault & Somersault Slim do the same thing, but are a lot more elegant.

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