Google rolls-out Google Now notifications to Chrome


March 25, 2014

Google Now notifications are being rolled out to Google Chrome

Google Now notifications are being rolled out to Google Chrome

Google has announced the roll-out of Google Now for Chrome. Google Now users will be able to receive their automated updates in their browser once it has been updated and if they are signed into Chrome. The roll-out is expected to take up to a few weeks.

Google Now aims to provide users with relevant updates and notifications throughout the day without being prompted. User can receive information about the weather, sports scores, commute traffic and upcoming event appointments. Now uses a variety of data sources, such as a location data, emails and calendar.

Chrome users will be able to view Now notifications via the bell icon in the browser when using Mac and Windows, or the numbered box when using Chromebook. Google says that the notifications served to Chrome will be a subset of those available on mobile devices. In order to use the functionality, users simply need to have Now enabled on their smartphone and to be signed in using the same account in Chrome.

The news comes a week after Google announced Android Wear, its operating system for wearable tech devices that has been described as Google Now for smartwatches.

The video below provides an introduction to Google Now.

Source: Google

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