Google Glass gets its own collection of frames


January 28, 2014

Google has unveiled a collection of frames for Glass

Google has unveiled a collection of frames for Glass

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Google has launched a collection of prescription frames for Google Glass. The Titanium Collection includes four titanium frames and two new styles of twist-on shades from which to choose.

Naturally, Google has tried to cover all bases, saying that the frames will suit "whoever you are," but the for now the options remain fairly limited. That said, the fashion styles on offers have clean and simple designs, and an Active style is also available for those wanting to use their Glass whilst doing exercise or sporty activities.

Notably, the frames make Glass look a little less conspicuous, which may go some way to allaying potential concerns about feeling self-conscious when wearing Glass. "It changes the psychology of Glass," Steve Lee, Product Director for Glass, was reported as saying. "I get a lot less attention in public."

The Titanium Collection will be available for Glass Explorers from tomorrow, and will reportedly cost US$225 over and above the $1,500 cost of Glass itself.

You can see what's on offer in the video below.

Source: Google

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Man what a geeky world this is now. Gotta be "connected" 24/7 just to self-promote by embellishing mundane activities.


Frankly, for all of Google's advances made with their Google glass ... they have no sense of style. You have a pair of glasses s with a 'clip-on' hanging off the right side.


I know Google is preventing X-rated content, but that will be hacked soon. So, when Google Glass is everywhere what percentage of men will be walking along watching porn?

Nelson Chick

Next: Faux Google Glass, designed to LOOK like the real thing (think "personality glasses".

Gerard Wenham

Re: Chevypower 99% of the world population is dull, with dull imaginations and dull pastimes. This device just brings this to the fore, just like Facebook did. Hollywood reality isn't

Re: nzjade You have to house the electronics somewhere, and the projection unit has to be a certain distance either forward or rear of the glass, which is a physical limitation. Though I tend to agree the bulk of it could be shifted to maybe somewhere else on the frame, like behind

Re: Nelson Hyde Chick Why should Glass prevent anything? What country do we live in? The only thing we should not do on Glass is drive. Easily accommodated by using the GPS to sense speed. If it exceeds like 15-30 mi/hr, the Glass will assume you are driving and turn off or go to drive mode

I'm just waiting for Apple to jump on this after Google has ironed out all the bugs and Stigma. The Apple will be slicker, and you won't know its an 'iGlass'. Wonder if they will call it an 'iSee' or some such.

Would be nice if it integrates with the 'iWatch' to provide a virtual overlay the size of an iPad on your forearm that you can manipulate with hand gestures. Pipe dream maybe, or NOT ! :)


I like how people are still expecting Apple to be the leader in this field and come out of nowhere with something better. They forget back in the day Apple lead the industry with products. Today they issue stuff that's no longer the best at the time and overpriced to add insult to injury. They can't keep up with the likes of Samsung and Android so don't expect Apple to break the mold they've put themselves in anytime soon.The only thing holding them together is a better operating system and a reputation from 3 years ago (Nothing new since 2010).

Has anyone even heard of any rumors that Apple is making any kind of "Iglass" hardware because I haven't. They should just go ahead and name it an "Isoar" because without testing that's probably what it's going to give you.

Matt Fletcher


Larry and Sergei ought to link up with Detroit's own Daniel L. Golden and inspect his vast collections in SEE for which would work and maybe even create more new ones.

Some pretty neat stuff there.

Lewis Dickens
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