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Scissoring origami-inspired bridge could help out in disasters

Whether they're floods, earthquakes or landslides, natural disasters have a nasty habit of cutting survivors off from aid by destroying bridges. While traditional portable bridges can already be set up in such situations, researchers from Hiroshima University recently demonstrated a new model that is said to be "the world’s fastest, largest, strongest, and lightest expanding temporary bridge."Read More

ReWalk Robotics announces faster, sleeker exoskeleton

There are now a number of powered exoskeletons either on the market or in development, all of which allow people who lack the use of their legs to walk in an upright position. The ReWalk device is without doubt the best-known, having been commercially available since 2012. This week, ReWalk Robotics announced the sixth version of the product, which is reportedly better-fitting, faster and less bulky than its predecessors.Read More

AeroFarms to open "world’s largest indoor vertical farm"

An upcoming indoor vertical farm is not only claimed to be the world's largest, but to use cutting edge growing technology. AeroFarms' new 69,000 sq ft (6,410 sq m) facility in Newark, New Jersey, will be based in a converted steel factory and will incorporate a new corporate HQ for the firm. It's expected to grow high-quality and healthy produce all year round.Read More

Philips facility develops "light recipes" for city farming

Philips has opened a new facility for developing tailored LED "light recipes" for indoor farming. The GrowWise City Farming research center in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, will be used to study how light can maximize the quality and yield of different crops. The aim is to help producers grow tasty and healthy food indoors all year round.Read More

X-Tainer shipping container expands into a giant pavilion

The lateral leap of shipping containers from goods movers to ready-made housing, offices, and restaurants has opened up new possibilities for architects, event planners, and relief workers. But the very standard sizes that make such containers so useful also impose limits. Having developed containers that can load and unload themselves, Excalibur Shelters has continued to think outside the box with the creation of a standard size shipping container that unfolds into very large shelters and pavilions.Read More

Connected Bottle fights luxury piracy

The counterfeiting of goods is a major worldwide problem that affects everything from Rolex watches to corn flakes. The Rémy Martin Club Connected Bottle combats the problem using NFC technology to authenticate its upmarket contents and warn when it has been opened.Read More


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