Good Thinking

Fancy footwear lets amputees get their game on

When Gyorgy (George) Levay lost both hands to a meningitis infection five years ago, many people might have assumed that his gaming days were over. That's far from being the case, however. Working with two other Johns Hopkins University grad students, he's developed a prototype system that lets upper-body amputees control games using their feet. It recently won the grand prize in the 2016 Intell-Cornell Cup, a competition for students who are exploring applications of embedded technology.Read More

"Noise loggers" save water by listening for leaks

In the average distribution system, as much as 30 percent of treated water is lost due to simple, fixable leaks, but the problems are often located underground, and can be hard to pinpoint. Now, researchers at Canada's Concordia University have developed a technique that could have a big impact on the problem, using "noise logger" devices to spot underground leaks to an accuracy of 99.5 percent.Read More

Smart backpack helps you keep track of your stuff

Backpacks are one of the most convenient ways to carry around a wide range of gear throughout your day – but only if you remember to pack it up with all you need in the first place. Forget something and the usefulness of the backpack drops significantly. By combining technologies that already exist in one form or another into one backpack, the Klifit – now raising funds on Kickstarter – aims to keep you organized, charged and secure.Read More

First cold-pressed cow's milk on sale in Australia

Before we drink cow's milk, it is routinely pasteurized and homogenized to make it safe and consistent. Australian outfit Made by Cow says that this eliminates much of its goodness and flavor, so has created a new cold press method that makes it safe to drink much closer to its fresh state.Read More

Floating dairy farm will ship milk to Rotterdam

A Dutch collaboration is pushing the boat out with an idea of how to feed growing city populations despite decreasing amounts of space in which to produce food. The Floating Farm will produce various kinds of milk and yogurt from its location docked in the port of Rotterdam.Read More


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