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Golgi wants to speed up your mobile apps


May 22, 2014

Golgi is a new data transfer platform that promises to make apps load up to 20 times faste...

Golgi is a new data transfer platform that promises to make apps load up to 20 times faster

Slow-loading apps can be a real frustration for users and can ultimately result in the apps being discarded. Now, a newly-launched platform wants to put an end to the "spinning wheel" of slow loading. Golgi says it can increase the loading speed of apps by up to 20 times.

Golgi manages the exchange of data between apps, servers and devices. The company was founded last year and launched yesterday with US$5 million in funding from Openmind Networks. It aims to help developers accelerate the monetization of their apps and services by speeding up the transfer of data. Explaining the importance of app loading speed, Golgi cites a Compuware report suggesting that 80 percent of smartphone users expect apps to load in three seconds or less. In addition, it says that 79 percent will only retry a mobile app once or twice if it failed to work the first time. Coupled with previous experience of data transfer and the difficulties it presents for developers, these figures encouraged the Golgi team to find a solution.

"It became apparent to us that transferring data reliably, efficiently and in a timely fashion is a problem that occupies a significant portion of a developers limited time," Golgi CTO Brian Kelly tells Gizmag. "In addition, getting the data delivered to the device as soon as it is available is a challenge that many developers eschew. Today, many apps like LinkedIn to Flipboard can take forever to update with fresh new content for their users."

Despite having only just been launched, the Golgi platform has been in development for for over 10 years. The platform was initially created to deliver SMS messages for Openmind Network's customers. Kelly and his team began adapting the platform to work with app data.

Golgi has two main parts. The first is a code generation tool allows developers to create custom data transfer code for their apps by inputting and defining what data they want to transfer. The second part is Golgi's data transfer platform. When a sender tries to push data to an app, the data is uploaded to Golgi. The platform then continually pings the receiver device to send the information in pieces as quickly as possible, as opposed to trying to send it in one chunk.

Golgi effectively tells the apps, servers and devices how to communicate efficiently with each other. "It’s a huge time save for any developer who wants to give their users an up-to-date experience without having to write the code themselves," says Kelly.

Golgi is free for apps with up to 10,000 users, $199 per month for apps with up to 20,000 users and $999 per month for apps with up to 200,000 users. Custom plans are also available beyond that.

The video below provides an introduction to Golgi.

Source: Golgi

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