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Nahema to commence construction of H2X’s luxury 120 and 150-foot catamaran range


November 1, 2007

The Nahema 120 by H2X - 'luxury means space.'

The Nahema 120 by H2X - 'luxury means space.'

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November 1, 2007 “Luxury means space,” says Franck Darnet, the interior designer behind the Nahema series of catamarans – and if you agree with him, one of these well-appointed customs might be right up your alley. Using a catamaran design lets you more than triple the interior and deck space of the vessel compared to the same length monohull yacht – making this new series from H2X an ideal party boat for entertaining while also making for a fast and stable craft on the water.

To be available in 120-foot and 150-foot versions, or 35 and 45 metres in the new money, the Nahema series of catamarans is the brainchild of H2X’s Gilles Vatan. Featuring an elegant, modern exterior design and a decking/interior design focused purely on the creation of broad luxurious spaces for passengers and guests, the Nahema catamarans will launch in the first half of 2008.

Powered by twin 500hp engines, the Nahema 120 will feature over 16,000 liters of fuel storage for long distance cruising. The larger Nahema 150 will use twin 1000hp engines, and have a fuel capacity in excess of 20,000 liters. Passengers can sleep in the luxurious berths situated below deck in the hulls, or enjoy the broad, spacious lounge and deck areas.

Both versions will also operate as sailboats – and what the catamaran design might lack in sporty handling in the turns, it will make up for in good speed and an increased stability that will be appreciated by guests without the sea-legs for a more tumultuous ride.

Each yacht will be constructed according to customer specifications, leaving open all sorts of possibilities including helipads, on-deck spas, and other little luxuries to while away your time at sea. We look forward to seeing these magnificent craft in the flesh!

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