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Suzuki’s hydrogen-powered Crosscage motorcycle


October 25, 2007

Suzuki's Crosscage concept.

Suzuki's Crosscage concept.

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October 25, 2007 Here’s one of the more radical concept motorcycles we’ve seen in a while – Suzuki’s Crosscage concept is a fuel-cell powered electric bike with single-sided suspension front AND rear. The brushless electric motor’s mounted inline with the rear wheel, and looks-wise it’s so far out there that it’s on its way back again. Seems like Bridgestone’s even developed a special futuristic-looking tyre to match the bike’s oddly tesselated discs.

We’ve just seen the amazing Suzuki Crosscage concept at the Tokyo Motor Show, where our heads are still spinning from all the ground-breaking technology on show.

There’s no press release for the Crosscage concept yet, but we do know it runs on hydrogen – most likely in compressed gas form, so it should be a zero-emissions vehicle if you don't count the coal burned to electrolyse the hydrogen to fill it.

It’s got monoshocks at both ends – which looks absolutely fantastic – and a unique cross-cage frame that highlights the fact that as new engine technologies evolve, we’re going to see the shape of the motorcycle change significantly. I’d love to know how it handles! Initial photos of the dash would indicate that it’s not a performance machine, with 100kmh being the biggest number shown on the speedo – but it’s certainly one hell of an eye-catcher.

Lots of photos of the Crosscage at the Tokyo Motor Show the gallery.

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the Crosscage looks very tasty indeed,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, another concept I hope to see on the road one day soon


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