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TV remote and hands-free phone combo to aid vision impaired


October 24, 2007

TeleMax®III universal TV remote control and hands free phone

TeleMax®III universal TV remote control and hands free phone

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Designed by a Australian company Tiller + Tiller, the TeleMax®III combines a universal TV remote control and hands free phone in the one device. The unit is sleek, compact, easy to use, unbreakable and spillage proof. Shaped like a small tray with handles either side to allow for easy grip it features the latest ergonomic principles for comfort and function.

Button controls are large, and deliberately limited in number. They consist ofa normal keypad layout 1-9, a mute button, a large power button and sliding arrows for channels and volume control. Buttons have raised black lettering, which stands out well from a white illuminated background face, making them easy to see and use by those with visual and physical disability. The television automatically goes into mute mode when a call is received. Emergency numbers can be programmed for instant access.

TeleMax® will actually be a range of products with models I and II also available. TeleMax® I, the simplest model works as a basic universally programmable TV remote, and TeleMax® II has the same functionality but with an added button to link to and access cable TV.

Crichton has taken out patents for the product in Australia, Europe and USA but it is still in prototype phase while Crichton and Tiller + Tiller find a company to manufacture it. After three long years of research, design and prototyping, they hope the TeleMax range of products will be available worldwide in around 18 months.

Crichton cites figures of over 180 million people worldwide with vision impairments and an aging world population (483 million over 65 years of age) as the potential market for this product. No pricing has been set at this point.

Tiller + Tiller has no claim to the intellectual property, patent or trademark of TeleMax.

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