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Hawley F140 “supercar of yachts” seeks investors


October 23, 2007

Hawley F140 concept yacht

Hawley F140 concept yacht

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October 23, 2007 If you liked the sleek speedster looks of the Hawley F140 concept yacht we wrote about in September – and it seems a lot of people did – you’ll be interested to know that our feature on the stylish yacht design helped put Hawley in touch with a top-rate marine construction crew, and the rights to build the stunning boat are currently up for auction.

We were recently contacted by Andrew Hawley, designer of the innovative F140 with its sleek steel hull and tilting keel for high lean-angle stability. “I just thought I'd email you to let you know that thanks to your coverage I've managed to get in touch with a very prominent yacht designer, and from there assemble a world renown team of yacht designers/engineers to fully spec the Hawley F140.”

Hawley won’t be building the boats himself – instead he’s seeking a buyer to invest in developing the design specification of this supercar of yachts using the team he’s assembled and the existing 3D models.

The team includes representatives from Dibley Marine, High Modulus, Applied Engineering Services Limited and Weta Workshop. Between them, the group has extensive design experience in design programmes for Americas Cup class yachts, Super yachts and Volvo 70s, to name a few; the designs will be of the quality you’d expect.

The rights will go under the eBay hammer in a little over three days from now, finishing on October 26th. The successful buyer will also receive a non-functional 2-metre scale model of the Hawley F140 built by Weta Workshop, the special effects company behind Lord of the Rings, King Kong, and Master and Commander.

Bidding begins at US$25,000, see the auction itself for further details. We look forward to seeing the F140 on the water – it’ll be a sensation.

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