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STOP-Lock two-tiered laptop security system


September 28, 2007

Secure-It's STOP-lock

Secure-It's STOP-lock

September 29, 2007 Until now most laptop security systems have either physically secured the laptop or helped track it down once it’s been lost or stolen. The STOP-Lock from security manufacturer Secure-It, Inc. has combined these elements in a laptop security system which combines a tracking system with a locking mechanism to help deter thieves.

STOP-Lock features a highly-visible small metal plate that attaches securely to the cover of the laptop which, once attached, would take 800 pounds of pressure to remove. The plate is stamped with unique barcode information that registers the computer with a national database. A specially engineered lock snaps into the security plate, and a steel cable anchors the notebook to desks, chairs, tables or any other stationary object. As an added layer of security, if the thief does try to tear-off the plate, the gel used to chemically bond the plate to the computer leaves an indelible “tattoo” containing a toll-free telephone number and a “Stolen Property” warning stamp that makes it nearly impossible for a thief to resell the computer.

Of course it is not only the loss of hardware that is of concern when a laptop goes missing. “This system will help colleges, universities, government and private industry stem the rip-tide of computer and information theft,” said Secure-It President John Themistos. “The problem is costing industry billions of dollars in lost data. STOP-Lock will help end this raid on business and personal files.” The STOP-Lock can also be used to secure video game consoles, televisions, DVD players and a range of electronic devices. The STOP-Lock Kit retails for US$39.95 and includes a STOP-Lock plate, six foot steel cable, a lock with two keys, alcohol prep cleaner, adhesive gel activator and a convenient carrying pouch.

For further info visit Secure-It.

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