Adept Quattro high-speed packaging robot


September 23, 2007

Adept Quattro s650

Adept Quattro s650

September 24, 2007 Vision-guided robotics specialists Adept Technology has unveiled a new high-speed kinematic robot with a unique four arm design exclusively for pick-and-place applications. The Adept Quattro s650, is being exhibited in fully automated cells at three major international shows from September 24 to 27, 2007.

Billed as the "World’s fastest robot", the Quattro features a rotational platform designed for maximum speed, maximum acceleration in “one at a time” packaging, manufacturing, material handling, kitting and assembly applications in sectors such as food, medical and consumer goods.

According to John Dulchinos, president and COO of Adept Technology: “The Adept Quattro represents the first significantly new innovation in the industrial robotics market in many years. The performance and capabilities of the Quattro kinematic enables a new class of cost effective flexible packaging solutions.”

Potential buyers will be able to judge the Quattro’s speed for themselves at the Assembly Technology Expo at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL, Booth 706; MOTEK 2007 at the Exhibition Center Sinsheim in Sinsheim, Germany; and FachPack at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg in Nuremberg, Germany.

For further info visit Adept or read more on Gizmag's recent coverage of robotics which includes the "World's largest and strongest robot" and another example of high-speed packaging robotics from KUKA.

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