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Mainnav pairs GPS and Bluetooth in a watch


September 17, 2007

MW-705 BT GPS watch - Click image to enlarge

MW-705 BT GPS watch - Click image to enlarge

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September 17, 2007 Mainnav has released the Innovator MW-705 BT GPS watch - a timepiece that teams inbuilt Global Positioning System (GPS) functionality with a Bluetooth transmitter and also manages to pack-in a heart rate monitor, speed and distance sensor, temperature sensor, pedometer as well as the standard countdown timer and alarm.

It is the inclusion of GPS and Bluetooth in the one package that truly expands the functionality of the watch as it enables the watch to send GPS data to a Bluetooth enabled device up to 10 meters away, such as a PDA or a smart phone, for the purposes of navigation. The GPS functionality also allows for altitude data to be analyzed giving fitness fanatics using altitude training access to even more information about their performance.

Weighing in at 75g, the watch may not be the prettiest or smallest thing you’ve ever strapped to your wrist, but it does pack quite a bit of functionality into one package. The watch can also be easily removed from the wrist strap and placed in a special included frame for attachment to a bike or hung around the neck with the included lanyard.

The watch is also water resistant complying with the IPX7 standard, meaning it can withstand accidental immersion in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes, although the operational limitations of GPS mean the functionality won’t work under water. With normal use the Li-ion 400 mA/h battery will tell you where you are for 66 hours before needing a recharge through the mini USB interface meaning you’ll have plenty of time to figure out where you are and where to send the rescue choppers if you get lost.

For further info visit Mainnav.

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