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ezVision video glasses: portable 50-inch virtual widescreen viewing


August 24, 2007

American Idol's Paula Abdul is impressed by ezGear's ezVision video glasses.

American Idol's Paula Abdul is impressed by ezGear's ezVision video glasses.

August 25, 2007 Portable video is set to boom, with video iPods and other devices now storing huge amounts of content and packing the battery life to make them worthwhile. The one thing these pocket-sized devices can’t get around, though, is the fact that nobody likes watching movies on a 2.5-inch screen, which is where these ezVision video glasses come in. Slip them on and pop the earbuds in and you’re treated to a private screening with a virtual screen size of 50” and a relaxed viewing distance that’s not too hard on the eyes. Nifty!

Now that the size of mini video screens is getting down to ballpark levels, video sunglasses are starting to become a viable product, and as portable video continues to grow in popularity, the market is open for somebody to step in with a killer product at the right price and become the iPod of the segment.

ezGear’s ezVision video glasses are available in two resolutions – a 320x240 version and a 640x480 version, both of which deliver a viewing experience similar to watching a 60” screen from about 8.5 feet away. Both feature rechargeable Li-ion batteries and the lower resolution version is good for 8 hours of viewing.

They accept the TV output from an iPod, Zune or other compatible video player, as well as most games consoles, DVD players and VCRs - and they’re pretty much plug-and-go. ezVision glasses will happily fit on over the top of normal glasses and a separate adapter can be purchased if you wish to use your own earbuds or headphones in place of the included pair.

Styling-wise, they’re a bit out there – but it’s not going to be easy to make a pair of video glasses that don’t draw attention. At a price of US$299 (or US$399 for the higher-resolution X4 version) they’re not a cheap or throwaway item – but if you plan to spend much time watching video through your iPod they might just be a great buy.

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