New Nissan models to include real-time fuel efficiency gauge


August 21, 2007

Instant fuel-efficiency gauge on the LAFESTA for Japan

Instant fuel-efficiency gauge on the LAFESTA for Japan

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August 22, 2007 Nissan has announced that all future models will be equipped with a new type of fuel efficiency gauge designed to give drivers more information on how their driving style directly relates to fuel economy.

The gauge provides the driver with real-time fuel-efficiency and average efficiency readings so that the driver can instantly see an increase in fuel consumption reflected on the gauge. Based on Nissan’s trials, the system encourages drivers to improve their eco-driving habits over time. Driving improvements also included smoother acceleration and braking, which potentially could lead to an average 10% improvement in fuel-efficiency.

In January 2007, Nissan introduced the eco-driving information service through its CARWINGS navigation system to promote more economical driving habits. Through the installation of the fuel efficiency gauge on the instrument-cluster as a standard feature on all new models, Nissan will extend the awareness of eco-driving to a wider driving audience.

The fuel efficiency gauge will also be equipped in current models scheduled for updates including the SKYLINE, LAFESTA and ATLAS in Japan, and the ALTIMA, INFINITI G35 in the U.S.

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Many cars have had these as far back as the late 1980\'s, often incorporating other trip computer functions.

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I notice it gives a readout in Km/litre instead of that stupid litres/100Km.

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