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August 11, 2007

Chainsaw power

Chainsaw power

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August 12, 2007 Since our first report back in May we’ve been waiting impatiently to see what flavor of unlikely contraptions would emerge at the Silverline Power Tool Drag Racing contest - and if the belt sander-driven toaster and the chainsaw powered wheelbarrow are any indication, the entries did not disappoint.

Taking place at the was held at Haynes International Motor Museum on Sunday 5th August, the race required competitors to transform a hand-held power tool into a souped-up drag racing machine and compete on a 75ft track.

Highlights included a belt sander-driven toaster - complete with toast - and a ride-on vehicle based on garden blowers from UK Drifting champion Declan Hicks and his team “Little Wonder”. Chainsaws also played a disproportionate role - two machines powered by eight chainsaws and twelve chainsaws respectively were entered in the same 'ride-on' class and the (reportedly very sluggish) wheelbarrow was one of the crowd favourites.

Competition was fierce and fun according to Darrell Morris, Director of Silverline: “Power tool drag racing is great fun for both competitors and spectators. It’s already big in the States, and launching it in the UK proved such a success that we are already working on the plans for an even bigger event next year."

Vision of the Leaf blower powered Drag Racer can be found here.

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