Lunabrite, the completely unpowered night light


June 20, 2007

Lunabrite luminescent lighting strips

Lunabrite luminescent lighting strips

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June 21, 2007 Here's a simple, brilliant and very useful new product - glowing strip lights that recharge fully in the sunlight and glow for between 3 and 12 hours after dark without ever needing batteries or electricity. Expect to see Lunabrite strips appearing in architecture, marine, sporting, safety and even fashion applications in the very near future.

The Lunabrite lighting system ticks a lot of boxes; it's completely child and pet-safe, non-toxic, weather- and UV-resistant and anti-microbial. The luminescent lighting strips activate within 5 minutes of exposure to sunlight or ambient light, and achieve maximum brightness after 30 minutes. They'll then glow brightly for 3-4 hours, dimming slowly until they are imperceptible after about 12 hours.

This will make them a fantastic outdoor architectural addition, particularly in public spaces, where their colorful, futuristic look will serve as a great way of accentuating lines and illuminating footways. Safety applications are obvious - a high-visibility self-charging walkway lighting solution that never needs bulb replacement or maintenance would solve a number of problems in day/night working environments.

Several diameters are available, from 5/16" down to a tiny 1/8" diameter that is machine-washable and suitable for use in clothing and footwear. Custom sizing will be available and the tubes can be cut to length using normal scissors. They will initially be available in bright blue and blue/green.

The Lunabrite website shows a number of likely uses for the technology - we congratulate these guys for a brilliantly simple new technology and we look forward to seeing it in use!

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