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Your office has a disaster plan, what about your home?


June 12, 2007

Informed's Home Emergency Pocket Guide

Informed's Home Emergency Pocket Guide

June 13, 2007 Not everybody's a first-aider or emergency specialist - and every time a natural disaster like Katrina or serious fires comes along, it becomes clear how poorly prepared the average household is to deal with these extraordinary situations. Informed's latest pocket emergency guide is a comprehensive and easy to use reference for families in the case of natural disaster, terrorist attack, chemical or biological contaminations.

Informed Publishing announced today the release of the Home Emergency Pocket Guide, a quick reference on preparedness and disaster survival that can bring professional grade emergency response skills into every American household.

The new Home Emergency Pocket Guide™ provides instant access to the essential information you need to respond to emergencies that occur in the home or community. This handy reference tool delivers critical information that can help you make decisions fast, giving you the best course of action to take before, during, and after an emergency situation. Having this guide within reach will ensure you respond in ways that increase safety and security both for yourself and those you care about.

The Home Emergency Pocket Guide™ is organized by event type, and covers topics ranging from home preparedness to post-emergency response: critical first aid, disaster planning, home walkthroughs and checklists, natural disaster response, and information to help locate national resources after a disaster strikes. The guide also includes information on how to survive homeland attacks and acts of domestic and citizen terrorism, including survival tactics in the event of chemical or biological contamination.

The Home Emergency Pocket Guide ($16.95 retail) is available in bookstores nationwide and online at amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com and informedguides.com.

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