Geometry Wars: Galaxies coming to Nintendo Wii, DS


May 21, 2007

Geometry Wars: Evolved (Xbox 360)

Geometry Wars: Evolved (Xbox 360)

May 22, 2007 Geometry Wars first appeared as a mini-game in Project Gotham Racing 2 for the Xbox, and much to the surprise of the developers, people loved it - enough to warrant a HD sequel on the Xbox 360. Geometry Wars: Evolved was the first game released on Xbox Live Arcade, and to this day remains the cheapest, and arguably, best game available on the service. Finally, Nintendo fans are set for a taste of the hellishly frantic action.

Geometry Wars: Galaxies will be developed by Kuju Entertainment, who are best known for their Gamecube hit Battalion Wars, so we'd say the project is in safe hands.

We'll be interested to see how the dual-analog controls translate to the Wii remote, and particularly the DS touch-screen, and even more interested to check out the new multiplayer mode.

Lets just hope that a little work is done in the music department - that bloody awful tune from the Xbox 360 version is particularly painful after it loops for the 9th time.

via GoNintendo

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