Flip video camcorder uploads your movies straight to YouTube.


May 9, 2007

The Flip digital camcorder by Pure Digital - note the pop-out USB connector.

The Flip digital camcorder by Pure Digital - note the pop-out USB connector.

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May 10, 2007 We love to see consumer products that are redesigned to reflect the way the market is using them. With the advent of ubiquitous broadband and the huge popularity of video sharing sites, many people, particularly youngsters, want to upload their home videos to YouTube pretty much as soon as they've yelled "cut." Pure Digital has run with this idea with its new Flip video camera - an inexpensive, self-contained, simple camcorder that plugs straight into a USB port so you can upload your videos straight to YouTube.

The Flip, retailing at US$120 for the 512 MB, 30 minute version or US$150 for the 1GB, 60 minute version, records quite decent quality video at 30fps and a TV-friendly resolution of 640x480 - roughly the same as good consumer compact digital still cameras are now producing. It's got a 1.5 inch screen for instant playback and review, takes AA batteries, and can be connected directly to a TV for playback.

A pop-out USB plug lets you connect the Flip straight to your computer without an external cable, and the Flip's onboard software lets you edit the video, put soundtracks to it and mix videos. Then, through the same interface, you can upload to YouTube or send the video via email.

Pure Digital have also established a certified DVD procesing network of 9400 stores across the USA, where users can take their Flips straight in and get a DVD burned of their contents wthin an hour.

It's a simple, well featured consumer video camera that supports the way digital video is becoming part of our lives.

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