LaCie FireWire speakers for PC or Mac


April 25, 2007

The LaCie FireWire speaker system for personal computers

The LaCie FireWire speaker system for personal computers

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April 26, 2007 Gorgeous looks by award-winning industrial designer Neil Poulton, clear, warm, crisp sound, and a FireWire connection that eliminates the need for a power adaptor. Smart work from LaCie.

Looking like mini periscopes, the key feature of these speakers is their FireWire connection, which delivers sound in undecoded data format to the speaker for clearer audio, and also powers the speaker to remove another power cable from your desktop and powerboard. They can alternatively be connected to portable non-FireWire devices using a standard 3.5mm plug and a DC power adaptor, although this is not supplied.

They work without fuss on most computers, although Mac PowerPC users will need to adjust a setting or two. For more information see the product datasheet.

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