NoLube SIMpull THHN Building Wire


April 3, 2007

April 4, 2007 Electrical contractors will no longer have to lubricate feeder-sized THHN to pull it through conduit with the introduction of a revolutionary new No Lube SIMpull THHN building wire by Southwire. SIMpull THHN incorporates a patent-pending technology to reduce friction and with it the mess, labor and cost associated with lubrication. In addition, No Lube SIMpull THHN’s design results in a cleaner appearance, easier to read print and a reduced susceptibility to nylon tearing. Independent tests have shown the new cabling reduces total installation time by an average of 30 percent.

In 2004, Southwire introduced Romex SIMpull, a non-metallic cable for residential construction that pulls easier and faster. SIMpull THHN uses similar technology to transform the installation process for commercial, industrial and institutional applications.

“SIMpull THHN is yet another example of our commitment to continuously develop innovative products that provide electrical contractors more efficient ways to install wire and cable,” said Stuart Thorn, president and CEO, Southwire Company. “Southwire listens to contractors, and then we innovate to give them products that will make their processes safer and more efficient and their businesses more profitable.”

“In nearly a year of trials on job sites all over the country, using millions of feet of No Lube SIMpull THHN, contractors have been amazed by how fast and simple it is to pull without any lubrication,” said Jack Carlson, president of Southwire’s Electrical Division. “Without exception, they’ve told us how much cleaner and easier it is to use SIMpull THHN and how they’ve been able to significantly reduce installation time and costs. Based on these experiences, we believe contractors everywhere will immediately recognize the benefits of a faster, easier and cleaner way to install feeder THHN.”

Independent tests by R.S. Means confirm SIMpull THHN reduces total installation time by an average of 30 percent, as well as eliminating the need for equipment to apply lubricant. By reducing friction and improving nylon toughness, the SIM Technology also makes pulling more consistent, reducing the likelihood of nylon tearing.

By eliminating the need to lubricate wire, installing SIMpull THNN also requires less set-up and cleanup time. Additionally, there’s no need to protect surfaces from lubricant spills or spend time wiping down wire for terminations, further assisting contractors in accelerating job schedules.

SIMpull THHN will be Southwire’s standard product and will be available in all standard industry colors in sizes 1/0 and larger.

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