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Walking on water, Nordic-style


April 3, 2007

Walking on water, Nordic-style

Walking on water, Nordic-style

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April 4, 2007 Four Architecture students from the Univerity of Munich have come up with a device that combines a gondola with an elliptical trainer to produce a unique sensation of "walking on water." The bizarre "TU-Fin" concept is the brainchild of designers I.Kiryakov, S.Ballmeier, K.Eichelberg & M.Dressler, and is essentially a racing canoe hull with an elliptical exercise machine mounted to it. Exercising on the machine powers a pair of rear-mounted flippers that propel the craft forward to an estimated 6.5 knots. Unlike a rowing action, the user is able to look forwards as they go.

Elliptical trainers, or Nordic Walkers, are popular as they provide a "no impact" exercise; however, as it's not clear how a rider might steer the TU-Fin, "no impact" may not be the most accurate description.

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